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Ok, so I'm not new to afib, four years since being diagnosed. Sadly because of a TIA which has caused hearing/tinnitus problems etc. I've been fairly stable in 1.25 nebivolol for most of that time, until the last few weeks. My heart is fluttering a lot of the time, so my gp recommended taking 2.5mg nebivolol after a failed attempt at bisoprolol. I'm now awaiting a cardiology appointment.

My query is in the progression of AF. My gp says I'm now in permanent although I can't feel it all the time.

Also, it seems to be linked to a silly little cough I developed about 6 months ago. Has anybody else noticed this phenomena?

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If you are in permanent AF but don't feel it most of the time it sounds as if you may be one of the fortunate ones!! As long as you are anti-coagulated, which I'm sure you are, you are doing the right thing!! Can't advise re your other points but no doubt others will

Take care


I can feel it a fair amount of time, and that's because it's quite strong palps etc when it occurs. I just didn't think I'd go from PAF to continual.


Well, a cardiology appointment could move you forward to more effective treatment of your AF or to an appointment with an EP / electrophysiologist. Have you got a 24 or 48 hour ECG and an echocardiogram in the pipeline or have you had them recently? The ECG would show whether you have any spells of normal rhythm.

A silly little cough can be caused by medication. I had one while taking Lisinopril.

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I wondered about meds. Yes.

I have had a 24 HR monitor last year, showed only a few runs of AF, nothing I couldn't cope with, it's only the past couple of weeks it's worsened. I guess that's the nature of it. The increased dose of nebivolol has at least slowed my heart rate.


Look through the list of side effects on the bit of paper that comes with any medication you have - or even better, have a chat with your pharmacist.

It sounds like another 24 hour ECG session might provide some up-to-date information.


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