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Hopefully not tempting fate here but it's been over 6 months now since my last PAF incident. Thing is I have Mi Band fitness tracker which I use to record my HR while sleeping. It appears to be quite accurate when I check my pulse manually against it and recently my HR is down as low as 35 to forty at times while I am asleep. I'm on 1.25 Bisoprolol and 150 Flecainide a day and wonder if anyone else on here has experienced the same or can offer any advice. Thanks.

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  • Great that you've had a clear six months.

    Heart rates seem to vary quite a lot and what's OK for one person isn't for another. I think you should worry if your heart rate is low enough to trouble you in some way but personally I've not found a slow heart to be much of a problem. I have no idea what mine actually is right now but it has often been in the low forties and apart from tending to have cold feet I seem to function well enough.

  • mine is often in the 40's while awake and has been in the 30's while asleep- the cardiologists didn't seem worried!!

  • Sounds like Bradycardia to me.....?

    My pulse kept dropping to 40bpm......result was a pacemaker stopping me dropping below 60 🙏

  • My pulse is mid 50's and BP 115/70 and my cardiologist didn't want to give me anything else other than the 200mg/day Flecainide as he said it would make me feel unwell...so far, 3 yrs, I have been fine on this advice.

  • I think it's bradycardia mine regularly dropped v low and I now have a pacemaker

  • Ps I wasn't on meds at the time trying to give heart time to heal post op. Was v low with 70 pauses of up to eight seconds in 24 hours. Scared EP when he got results phoned me at home ha ha

  • When I was on 1.25 mg Bisoprolol and 150 mg Flecainide it made my HR low and I felt really ill and AF attacks were more ferquent so was put back on Sotalol and now HR usually around 58.

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