Having surgery and Apixaban

HI everyone , how are we all doing ? you may remember me !! I do follow the postings quite regularly with interest .

I am on Apixaban and 25 mg Aspirin and have PAF for about a year now. Yesterday I was diagnosed with inguinal hernia and need an operation for the hernia. I do not know what steps do they take to stop the medication prior to the operation ? and what are the risks of having a stroke before and after the operation if I have to be without the NOAC . your guidance and experience is greatly appreciated .

Regards Bahman

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  • It's usually just stopping apixaban for 24 hours before surgery. You will be given instructions

    The risk of a stroke during that time will be tiny. Don't worry about it


  • If you need the surgery you just have to go with the surgeons instructions, I had a hip replace. in the summer following an accident. Heh Ho I thought this is going to be fun.But no, they knew what to do . and there were no problems.

  • I stopped my apixapan when I had an ablation operation and I was fine

  • I've just had a icd procedure n I'm on warfarin just carried on taking it

  • I take apixaban and just had the same surgery 3 weeks ago. My surgeon had me stop taking apixaban 3 days before surgery and wait for 2 days after before starting again.

    Best of luck with your surgery.

  • Thank you so much for all your replies, very helpful . It has put my mind at rest , I shall push for detail instructions from the hospital and the surgeon . Bahman

  • In reading all theses replies it is clear there is no definitive time when taking a specific NOAC should cease before surgery.I wonder if the manufacturers of these drugs have such info. available? If so why do not surgeons have the info. to hand ?

  • I also like to follow this site. I was diagnosed with AF in 2014, prescribed Dabigatran; Bisoprolol since then. I was due to be admitted to hospital 19 January for Mitral valve repair on 20th January, unfortunately cancelled due to NHS lack of beds; now due to be admitted 15 February, operation 16 February unless cancelled again. I was advised to discontinue dabigatran 19 January. After confirmation of cancellation I decided to continue with the dabigatran again. Hopefully will be able to have the repair done in February. Mentally you tend to get all composed for the operation and try to look forward. I am trying to feel/look positive.

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