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Post Ablation Palputations

Hi wonder if anyone can help. I am 13 weeks post Ablation and suffering loads of ectopic/missed beats seemed to go away about week 7 but have started up again. Had 12 week check-up and told if they become troublesome they will do a 12 hour monitor. I get these beats throughout the day/night not while doing anything specific. Has anyone experienced this or could it be AF starting up again? I have suffered from very occasional PAF for 2 years,late 40s,fit and active,not overweight,female.

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I get then all the time several hundred a day and a couple of thousand some days. Nine years post my last ablation and no AF so fine by me although I do understand how they can cause anxiety


Hi Bob

So in your experience how would I know if the missed beats are not AF, and then also someone has mentioned it could be atrial flutter.

I get very confused with it all, and I am not sure the status of my symptoms now.


I had bouts PAF about once a month for the first 4-5 months and also ectopic beats. Has diminished since then. Aerobic exercise seems to be associated with disappearance of the ectopic beats. Maybe it will reduce over time and with regular exercise.


I am 9 weeks post ablation and get ectopic beats for a short periods every few days. I am told they are part of things settling down and not to worry. Interestingly they seem to happen after food and also when I am resting and have a lower heart rate. They tend to ease with exercise, although not doing any long or strenuous training. Check Sanjay Gupta, Consultant cardiologist in York, on YouTube. As ever if you are concerned taking up the offer of a monitor is good, in my view.


Hi, I am 10 weeks post ablation and like you, am getting ectopic/missed beats. Some days i get a few and others many more. Yesterday, i had a very long working day and was especially tired, I then went out and met some friends (I was just by Barts hospital where i had my ablation). I was dancing and had to stop as my heart was racing so much, which was then followed by lots of ectopic beats. I slowed down and decided to come home. I have my check up on 21st April and will discuss whether this is "normal" and depending on how i feel by then, may ask to wear a 24hour monitor just so that i feel reassured. I am 53, slim, female and relatively fit.


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