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First post on this forum. A little bit of background

This is my first post, so maybe a bit of a background to see if anybody has experienced anything similar.

I was admitted to hospital in 2011 with suspected heart problems with AF, but this was later confirmed as a functional episode of hypoadrenalism and I was on cortisol replacement for about 18 months. At the beginning of 2016 I started having paroxysmal episodes of AF again, lasting about 18 hours each time and leaving me feeling exhausted. In my case, heart beat is irregular and the rate varies from the low 50s to around 120 bpm during these episodes, with a normal resting heart rate of around 55-60. I’ve had a heart echo and have no apparent underlying heart condition and the treatment I’m on at present is a pill-in-pocket approach of 200mg flecainide at onset; this normally shortens the attack. I wonder if anybody has experienced similar symptoms and how they cope with the accompanying exhaustion etc.

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Very similar. As soon as I go into AF I pop my pill, sit down and relax until I revert. If possible I continue for about a hour. The more I do in AF the tireder I am. I've just started some mindfulness work to see if that helps.


As I am in permanent AF and have to carry on functioning your experiences may account for my total exhaustion and sleeping 50% of the day/night - now that's a depressing thought.


It could well be, although when I was in permanent AF I didn't feel as tired as I do when I go in and out. I think your body gets use to AF and adapts.


Always fascinates me to hear how people generally feel better in permanent AF than paroxysmal. My EP is adamant that I would feel better if I went into AF permanently and he said it would also be easier to manage. But even when I have been in AF for several hours and my heart rate is not that fast I still find it very uncomfortable. Interesting!


Yes I feel very tired a lot Andy 58 and beta blockers don't help. I was more tired at the beginning though and have got used to tiredness and don't feel so wretched in that respect these days. Thank goodness!! Still very symptomatic with arrhythmias though. Hope you feel better soon:)


Once you start getting regular AF, around two a month, then my cardio prefers a regular Flecainide dose rather than the roller coaster of PIP. Keep a diary and have an early private appointment with your cardio once you have a record to report.


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