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Sod's Law?

Hello, To my surprise I found this site. After going running around the local hills in Worcestershire, England for over 30 years I found in 2008 I was getting more out of breath...... A visit to the local hospital found I had A/F plus multiply D.V.T's in my lungs...Sod's Law?? Well, after a earlier D.V.T. event in 1975 when a motorist decided to run into my Yamaha motorcycle my doctor suggested a half a aspirin a day would not hurt. Just as well I was taking it when the A/F turned up unseen! I was on 2.50mg of Bisoprolol but my doctor found my heart beat was too slow and reduced the dose to wonder I was so out of breath walking up the hills! I am now 'Fast Walking' my running route. Add the weight lifting and cycling I get by alright...what more can I say?...

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Sounds good. Presumably you are now on an anticoagulant (not aspirin) if appropriate from your chass2vasc score. And have you been considered for an ablation along your journey?


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