My whole life changed in an instant but the doctors couldn't find nothing! Have I been poisoned?


About 2 weeks ago I was doing what I normally do and feeling a lot more alive than I do now. I use to smoke cigerettes and drink beer but it was on one night when I was smoking and drinking that I started feeling weak, having shortness of breath, heart beating fast and hard with the sensation to grab my right breast particularly under my arm. I thought it was nothing at first but the second night the same thing happened. Then that's when it all started days after. My heart started feeling different and would pump hard but when I stood up it would pump fast and hard. And i felt as if i didn't have no energy. So I gave up smoking and drinking since but i still dont feel like my old self. And ever since i stopped smoking i was having shortness of breath throughout the day if i got up to stand and move around. but since then it has subsided, but i still dont feel like my old self. My energy seems to be ok today but everyday since the first experience it was something new. I eventually went to the hospital and my initial thought was to get an ekg and blood work done to check my heart and to see if my iron was low but all test came back ok. But why do i still feel like crap? It made me think i was poisoned. Which isn't something i addressed to the doctors at the time because i thought it was so many other things going on (Tachycardia,Bradycardia,Heart aTtack, cancer,low iron(nemic)) I'm thankful to have what health i do have and be able to sit and function on the computer but i have to go back to work next week in a fast-paced environment and idk if my new self will be able to handle it. I'm scared to talk to much or i'll run out of breath. You gotta understand I was perfectly fine and it was only but two weeks ago did all of these changes happen to me. How did i go from perfect health to feeling like im dangling between life and death?

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  • I'm no doctor but what you are describing sounds very much like the symptoms of AF have you had an ecg.

  • So as timbo said, try to get tested for AF/arrhythmias. If you feel like that all the time, then a short ECG should catch it.

    Or could it be a virus? I had one last year that dragged me down but no-one new what it was. Got it straight after coming back from Madeira. But I don't think it would have affected me that badly if I hadn't had underlying AF.

    Worth checking out and eliminating. I'm just a patient by the way.

    Good luck.


  • when i went to the hospital the first test that ran was an EKG isn't that the same as an ECG? In fact i got 2 EKG's one when i first got there and one later just to make sure but they came back clear. They said it must be stress but idk what i was stressing about or maybe smoking was stressing my body after so many years?

  • Yes ECG is same as EKG, term used in USA. Stress may trigger the episode but there has to be an underlying condition. Was your heart pounding when you had an ECG?

  • Hi Chakra and welcome to the forum.

    I agree with timbo, the symptoms that you describe are those of ATrial Fibrillation or Atrial Flutter, both of which will come and go, sometimes triggered by things like caffeine, alcohol and smoking (well done for stopping those), some food and drink, anxiety, postural such as lying on your left side at night and others. When the heart pounding stops you can still suffer from breathlessness, fatigue and tiredness, but nothing will show up on an ECG, it's a b.......

    But you do need to get a diagnosis from a doctor. The difficulty is that now you need to capture your heart pounding on an ECG and when it comes and goes (paroxysmal atrial fibrillation) it is notoriously difficult to do this and diagnose.

    Have you been to see your GP? If not you need to do that ASAP. He may ask you to wear a mobile ECG for a period of time so that they can capture a reading.

    As soon as you have another episode, which may not be for months or even years, you must get to a place where an ECG can be performed immediately, don't leave it, so that a diagnosis can be made.

    I know how frightening it can be, especially when the doctors can't tell you what it is, I think it very unlikely that you will have been poisoned, unless you have other extreme symptoms such as pain, vomiting etc. But that is only my thinking and I am not a doctor and you need to see yours ASAP.

    Good luck.

  • Did they check your B12 and do you know the actual details of your iron test. Beware doctors who tell you everything is in 'normal' range. For good health you need OPTIMAL levels which usually means your results should come in above the half way point in the range. Get more tests done and insist on knowing the results and the ranges and post again on this site. There are a lot of knowledgeable and helpful people who will be able to help you. Good luck, I know it is all new and frightening but you will soon become an expert in your own health


  • Poor you, it sounds like a very frightening experience - it does sound like it could be AF or atrial flutter, which I suspect is why you are posting here. It could of course be a virus or food poisoning, which is why you need to get your doctor to do a bit more investigating. If it comes back go and see someone straight away so they can catch it, or as others have said, try to get them to put a monitor on you for a week. Take care and try not to worry, and let us know how it goes...


  • When I was diagnosed as having afib I had been in it for some time. They gave me a holter monitor to wear for a couple of days. It was difficult to adjust to having a afib in the beginning. I was running competitively and riding on long distance bicycle trips. Once I was converted I would resume normal activities which meant pushing myself like I did when in life before afib. I had so many cardioversions I asked them to put in a drive through window. Now I am concentrating on trying to grow old gracefully (sickening concept isn't it). Seriously, I think in terms of adjusting my lifestyle to control my afib without affected the quality of life. I no longer run or do any heavy aerobic excercise, I have stopped drinking save for an occasional beer and try to find enjoyment in new things that don't tax the heart.

  • I fully agree with CDreamer , let them to put you under holter monitor , it took me years of complaining before I got diagnosed with paroxysmal flutter

    I didn't feel back to normal again , I'm now under treatment

    Also I recommend to check your thyroid function which may cause similar situation


  • thank you all for replying, I will take another trip and point out just this specific to a doctor but until then I'm going to eat better, take vitamins, and condition my heart to build strength. I'm 27 yrs old btw. NO more drinking or smoking for me. I have a lot i want to be around for i have a 3 soon to be 4yr old lil girl, I'm talented with computers and want to be productive in life before i leave this earth. So to avoid a stroke or heart failure im going to live right and as soon as i can get treated for this I will! Again, thank you all! I hope you all have wonderful blessed lives!!!

  • AND you still need to see your GP to discuss the next step. If you have had AF it is very unlikely that it is a one time event.

    27 is very young to be dealing with this, hope you are feeling better soon.

  • I wonder if you are female and taking any hormonal med or have you been flying recently. Did you have any problems, aching or swollen legs? There is also a possibility of a small blood clot to the lungs like af patients have a risk of stroke ( blood clot to the brain ). Can cause acute pulmonary symptoms and strain the heart. Talk with your GP. Hope you get better soon with a proper diagnosis whatever it is.

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