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Hi I have been on Zemtard..(Diltiazem ) for almost a year and have had no problems but recently it has been difficult to get. I ordered more this week to be told that they ..the chemist cannot get it any more so I should get a new scrip from my doc for an alternative. O phoned my sirgerty and they said they would arrazarraznge it and so today I received nrew drugs....I have been given. Adizem XL and Slozem...just wondering if anyone has these and why I should get two drugs to replace the one explanation given. Just take one of each daily... Any ideas anyone please.....Thanks

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  • I have taken Adizem XL and Slozem but not both at once! Adizem has more additives but basically they are slow/extended release Diltiazem. What is your daily dose? I can only think they are using two to get to the right total. I was told you should stick to one make so your body gets used to it. I guess it is OK if the total dose is the same as before, if not I would think there has been a mistake, definitely don't take a higher dose!

  • Thanks.. The dose I have been on is 180mg and both the new ones are, 180mg so it would mean doubling the dose which I was confused about.

  • That's why I was worried.. I have no reason to need to change dose as I have not felt ill in any way or seen a doctor I was just given these and so. Wondered if the two together made up equally to the I have been on for almost a year..

  • I think the chemist didn't have enough of either in stock. I was given a mixed batch of Ranitidine last week. I am sure you should only take one a day, a double dose could slow your heart far too much.

  • Thanks.. I think. I will. Go. And talk to the pharmacist on Monday

  • I have had difficulty getting various eye preparations. Our surgery can only use one supplier apparently so I have to try elsewhere. As I live in the sticks and am reliant on other people to get me into town I sometimes have to go without. Hopeless.


  • The difficulty in obtaining the first drug apparently is quite general .. I have tried wrong local chemists and Tesco.

  • Well all 3 products are diltiazem and the adizem and slozem are both once daily. I can't understand why you were not just given adizem though as this is available in all the same dose capsules as slozem plus a couple of other sizes.

    You could ask the chemist to give you both as adizem and leave him to sort it out with the doctor.

  • So you are saying that I should only take one and that the Adizem 180mg is best

  • I am in the U.K. And have had exactly the same problem. Tried every pharmacy in my local area to get my Diltiazem prescription filled. Eventually I asked my EP which replacement I should use and was told Adizem would be fine - same dose as Diltiazem- 180mg. I would definitely not take the other meds until you are told why you have been prescribed both. If you can't speak to a doc, the pharmacists are experts in drug reactions so speak to them.

  • Thanks I will talk to. Them. On Monday

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