Best iPhone case for Kardia mobile

Sorry for dumb question. I have bought a Kardia mobile and have an iPhone 6s. Should I attach it to my phone? What do people find is the best way to use this? I don't want the Kardia to be damaged, also not sure what type of phone case I can then use to protect my phone. Currently I have a flip down cover which protects front and back of the phone. Do some people keep the Kardia separate in its own case?


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  • My understanding is that the Kardia will work in close proximity so no need to attach it to your phone. That way you can protect your phone with its own case. I doubt that anybody makes a dedicated case for both conjoined. If you feel the need to carry your Kardia with you then no doubt you can find a suitable pouch to keep it in. Outdoor shops do a wide water proof range of such items to carry GPS, phones etc. which can be attached to a belt or merely placed in your bag.

  • There are specific cases for specific phones but as I change my phone more often than my Kardia I use it without attaching cos I bought a case for iPhone 4 and now have the 5, so won't fit.

    Just ensure you hold the Kardia with the microphone jack closest to the Kardia - works with a tablet that way as well. The signal is transmitted through the microphone - don't ask me how thought.....LOL.

  • I carry my Kardia in my wallet. Have not had a problem. Had to use it tonight, my BPM was 156. I am on Xarelto 15mg and Multag 400 mg twice a day. This is the first episode I've had since on the medicine. It has only been a couple weeks. Hope I have better results soon.

  • I have an iPhone 6 and bought a case that the kardia just slips into then fits on the phone very slim and i never have to worry about losing it... i always seemed to be misplacing it..

    bought off ebay for £10..

  • Buy a case and attach to the case. I don't use the mounting bracket but attach the Kardia Mobile directly to our case with double-stick tape.

  • I have the iPhone 6 with a case that covers it like a book. I carry it in the side of the cover and when I use it works great even with the cover.

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