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Which is best Kardia or Fibracheck

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I have ordered a Kardia and also got a new mobile phone which I have noticed has a Fibracheck App installed. Any suggestions which one is the best and easiest to use. If they are both on par I will return the Kardia when I get it. Thanks

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Interesting. From their website


I haven't heard of it before. The Kardia though comes highly recommended by most users on the forum. Using both to check might be an idea - compare the readings and please report back.

Cheers Paul

Edit - the link is from 2018 so a few years old. Just noticed that. Maybe the Kardia is the best bet - saying that I can't say - I've not used the other method so I can't speak good or bad about it. For me though I would rely more on a Kardia reading.

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Nerja2012 in reply to Paulbounce

Thanks Paul. I will see if I get replies from anyone that uses the Fibracheck.

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Nerja2012 in reply to Nerja2012

PS. Hope your feeling better.

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I think it fair to say that Kardia is accepted by many (maybe most) EPs and you can e mail your results to your consultant. Not sure that applies to any other platforms.

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Nerja2012 in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob. Kardia is the one that members seem to favour.

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beach_bum in reply to BobD

Apple watch ver 3 and higher records, and allows forwarding to your Dr. as well. Also monitors 24/7/365 for AFIB.

I have used both. I started with Fibricheck about a year ago and have found it very useful, especially if you pay for the reviews for a couple of months until you recognise the patterns. I also purchased the Kardia two months ago and find it easy to use.

I have found that Fibricheck gives me more information than Kardia because there are more nuanced feedback. I get feedback that will range from Atrial Fibrillation, Frequent Ectopic Beats, Bigeminy, Isolated Ectopic Beats, to Normal. etc. On the Kardia however, eventhough I am paying for the Advanced Determination every month, I have never had any other reading other than Possible Atrial Fibrillation, Unclassified, or Normal.

In the end I think that the doctors will have to express an opinion on which set of data they prefer.

For me I prefer Fibricheck.

O yes, I have checked them one after the other- they consistently come up with the same broad diagnosis!

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Nerja2012 in reply to Cara95

Cara. Thanks so much for that. I was testing the Fibricheck when your message came. I must say its very easy and quick to operate. Result was P 58 and a normal heart rhythm. If I was in AF would it say so on the screen and the same for Tachycardia as well. My Kardia arrived yesterday but I won't open it till I decide about the Fibricheck, I was very dizzy whilst out walking so maybe in those situations as I always have my phone with me it would be so easy and as well as I don't have full use of one of my hands (accident)means I will only have 1 item to deal with as apposed to 2 with the Kardia. If you can give me any more tips I would really appreciate it. Many thanks.

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Cara95 in reply to Nerja2012

Hi NerjaYes, Fibricheck will say Possible Atrial Fibrillation (and if you pay for reviews it will probably come back and say Atrial Fibrillation).

Kardia will also say Possible Atrial Fibrillation but you will not have the option of sending it in for a review by a cardiologist - this is reserved for 4 times a year and only if you reside in the US. Even if you pay for Advanced Determinations you will not get more than that if the determination is Atrial Fibrillation. You are supposed to get readings if ectopics are detected but I haven't had any (although I sometimes get these on Fibricheck)

What is important, I think, is that if you want to send this to your cardiologist he or she may prefer a 6 lead ECG instead of the data available from Fibricheck.

I find that I can see the patterns generated by the different conditions on the Fibricheck but am not adept at reading ECGs.

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Nerja2012 in reply to Cara95

Thanks Cara. I haven't seen a Cardiologist. When I was diagnosed 6 years ago in AE I was referred to my GP for treatment. Got the usual tests via a letter , all tests fine and nothing since. I actually requested this appointment just for a review because I thought it was about time. Been to AE twice in the 6 years both self terminated. My PAF is very infrequent. I did pay to see an EP who didn't say much so as far as sending "MY Cardiologist "an ECG he would just scratch his head and say. Who the hell is she ! This device is purely for me do I can monitor my heart rate if and when AF kicks in. Thanks for all the info, its been a big help.

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baba in reply to Cara95

Cara95 Nerja2012

"you will not have the option of sending it in for a review by a cardiologist - this is reserved for 4 times a year and only if you reside in the US"

This statement is not true!

I don't know about USA but in UK it is possible to get a doctor review on each recording, which are stored automatically in the APP. It costs about £5.00 per review on basic membership.

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Glb1948 in reply to baba

Same in the USA. You can pay extra a month for a reading from a cardiologist at anytime on the Kardia.

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baba in reply to Nerja2012

You can attach the Kardia to the back of your phone, if that would help. You would still need to touch the electrodes with a finger from each hand or one hand and opposite knee.

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Nerja2012 in reply to baba

Thanks Baba. Taking it all in.

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andyk0001 in reply to Nerja2012

My partner has found Fibricheck to be reliable.When she thinks she is having an AF episode, Fibricheck confirms it and it is possible from the graphs to determine how severe it is. One can always pay for a more detailed review to be sure.

I don't think there's any need to compare these. One is a device that can do a 6 wire ecg. The other is an app that asks you to put your finger on your phones camera.

If you want a proper record of you heart rhythm, Kardia will do that.

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Nerja2012 in reply to Griffin9

Thanks Griffin.

My cardiology nurse sent me link to put Fibricheck on my phone for 7 day test. I was very impressed and decided to pay for it myself. It's comforting to get an instant reading and assessment. However, I've now had another email for appointment at the hospital on the 15th and a link to put Kardia on my phone.

Liz. I go in 2 weeks. Its all very confusing. The only thing that's putting me off the Kardia is using it manually as you need the kardia device as well as your phone and as a result of an accident I have limited use of my right hand . An Apple watch would be perfect but too expensive.

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Griffin9 in reply to Nerja2012

You need to place 2 thumbs on the Kardia. For the 6 wire ecg, you can touch it on you knee or ankle.

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Nerja2012 in reply to Griffin9

Thanks Griffin . I have symptomatic Fast AF maybe 1 every 10 months ( count myself lucky) so its more my heart rate that I need to know as regards to an AE visit . Its impossible to get your heart rate yourself in fast AF as its so erratic and my BP machine wouldn't give a proper reading I know if you pass out its a defo hospital visit. More about self management really.

I don't know much about Kardia but I'll let you know after my visit. I agree an Apple watch would be perfect.

Thanks Lisa L

Ditto for Apple watch....spot on HR monitoring and recording, and same for ECG sinus and afib recording with afib alert. The version 6 also has O2 measuring function. No, I don't work for Apple.

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Nerja2012 in reply to beach_bum

I wish you did. Could get me one cheap 😂

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Darcy3 in reply to beach_bum

I have had the Apple Watch for over a year. The ECG is quite accurate as I checked when I went to my doctor. It is easy and it records your results on your phone. Yes it is expensive but I think it is worth it. Another feature is should I call, it has a SOS button that will whomever you listed.

Hiya Nerja,

Just to add my comment ..... I have a number of devices for different purposes, two in particular address AF, my Omron Evolve BP monitor which also identifies an AF event, my HealForce handheld ECG device which identifies a range of heart issues, which I can transfer to my Laptop and send printouts to my GP - or anybody I choose to - and also create a hardcopy for my files.

My next addition is my Oura Ring ( suggest you Google it ) which starts with tracking sleep. AF is not an issue until I get woken up at night, as happened the other night and my ECG device also identified a heart rythmn irregularity during that same night. However I have advancing osteoarthritis in my shoulders, and my left is unbelievably painful at night and also wakes me up. So one way or another if AF doesn't get me at night then OA does 😥😣

The point is though I don't know what is going on with my body at night and this ring seems to be a device which is going to help address such issues.

If you aren't sure of what I am rambling on about - Google it - and have a look at reviews .... courtesy of Which ?, PCMag, Wired, and Coachmag to name a few.

I am finding that the younger and more science based and evidence based GP's are these days to be able to front them with facts, rather than just mutterings, is ideal. My new GP is of this ilk - bless her.

It is a great pity that HU doesn't provide facilities whereby patients/sufferers are able to provide personal reviews of different bits of TECH KIT now available in the international market place.


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FlapJack in reply to carneuny

Interesting John, the way “medi-tech” (I just invented that!) is rapidly developing, you are right. It would be helpful have independent professional reviews of what is available to help us poor mortals to make informed decisions about what might be best for us. Thanks, John

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Nerja2012 in reply to carneuny

Thanks John. I do understand what your talking about but I'm a bit of an ostrich in that as long as I'm OK and basically know whats going on I will leave it at that 😜 I would get too obsessive with all your gadgets although I applaud your knowledge. Chronic pain is bummer so I'm with you on that one, if the AF doesn't wake you up the pain will. Mines C7 C8 entrapment which affects my right arm and hand so you have my sympathy. We have exchanged comments a few times John. Hope all well with you.

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carneuny in reply to Nerja2012

Hi Nerja,

Yes, I recall we have 'chatted' before. Its all a bit annoying really ..... this aging business isn't what its cracked up to be ..... I want my money back! 😂😂

Nooooo .... not really - mustn't grumble worse things around. But I have to say and agree with you sometimes pain is unreal - I mean I feel sooooo sorry for those with really debilitating pain. Those poor souls who require really, really specialised pain treatment.

Once again I am lucky, compared to many on this forum my AF is just nuisance value - BUT the OA at times drags me sooo down. Am trying all the known tricks the NHS has to offer with Physio but at the end of the day I am preparing for an injection. GP ain't too happy 'cos I'm scoffing Warfarin, but, I've stopped it before for knee replacement surgery, restarted and had no issues so I'm bracing myself for this road to pain relief.

Apart from that Nerja, fit and well thank you.

You asked interesting questions on this post so I am ( just from an avid Tech follower point of view) following all the responses. Very interesting.

Anyway, hope you continue to stay well, enjoy the summer ahead.


The six -lead Kardia is accepted by cardiologists -in my case at Barts- and GPs. It can provide much more information for a cardiologist than Fibricheck on account of it’s multiple leads.

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Nerja2012 in reply to Samazeuilh

Thanks Sam

I had a simple Kardia - which packed up.I have an old Apple Watch, but my mower ate it last week, so I will replace it tomorrow... with the series 6, which has SPO2 (blood oxygen saturation).

The iWatch (Apple Watch) is good, and there are apps available for sleep tracking, training (HRV4Training) etc.

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Nerja2012 in reply to S11m

To be fair I don't want to pay that much but thanks anyway . The way your going you will need a new lawnmower 😁

You can get a series 4 apple watch with the ECG and fall detect functions second hand on ebay these days for about £60-70 There were a lot sold and people are now upgrading to the series 6 with the O2 function.

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Nerja2012 in reply to Physalis

Physalis. Thank you for that. I will have a look.

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momist in reply to Nerja2012

Don't forget though, that you also need the Apple iPhone to pair it with. If you are already on Android, tough.

Personally, I wouldn't trust a phone camera to give a reliable reading when in AF. The problem with AF is that many of the heart beats, being so mis-timed, do not create a pulse of blood pressure high enough for a phone camera to pick out the change in skin colour. Although the software might be able to tell you that the rhythm is irregular enough, it is likely to under count the beats significantly. My AF (measured on a two lead Kardia) can vary from 130 to 220 bpm (I had 280 when in the ambulance first time and thought I was dying!). The Kardia is measuring the electrical signal from your heart, down the two arms.

I can't comment on the 6 lead Kardia as I've never had one, but TBH, I don't see the point of it as I don't have the depth of knowledge to interpret the different lead readouts.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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Nerja2012 in reply to momist

Momist. Been doing a lot of reading up thanks to all of you. This afternoon I did have a look at the Apple Watch and yes my NEW phone won't work with it so well spotted, thats out then. Back to the drawing board .

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momist in reply to Nerja2012

One of the Samsung watches is supposed to gain the ECG function soon, but they have been saying that for a long time now and AFAIK it hasn't happened yet. Lots of complaints on their forums saying "when will this work?".

The Withings MoveECG watch worked very well for a while, and I loved it. However, the build quality was rubbish and the crystal got badly scratched and then on the third battery change it cracked. The plastic case had degraded such that the steel back wouldn't go back on. They now have a rechargeable model, but I've lost trust in them and they do not respond to complaints.

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Physalis in reply to momist

The Samsung Galaxy watch 3 has been around since last August. It works with Android phones and iPhones. It's got the ECG.

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momist in reply to Physalis

Do you know anyone for whom this works? I've been considering the Samsung Watch Active2 which is supposed to get a software upgrade to work as ECG, but never has, as far as I know. The watch3 is expensive, and less available 'open box' or unused return etc.

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Physalis in reply to momist

The trouble with the Galaxy 3 is that it is the current model. I bought my apple series 4 watch two years ago. Since then there has been the series 5 and now 6 so the 4 is regarded as old hat and, presumably, young people are going for the latest model and selling their old one.

If I hadn't been so stingy and bought a Kardia in 2018 instead of a useless wrist monitor I might have been singing its praises today. As it happened I bought the watch for the fall detect feature a year later.

I think the watch is every bit as good as the 2 lead Kardia and it is much more convenient to use and monitors the heart rate every few minutes.

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Physalis in reply to momist

You mean you need an iPhone to go with it. My iPhone 6 was second hand.

The apple watch also measures the signal down both arms.

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momist in reply to Physalis

Yes, thanks. I've been playing with my granddaughter today, and I'm a bit wrung out . . .


I love my Kardia. It diagnosed my afib first.I think it’s pretty accurate you just have to have a good internet connection.

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momist in reply to Glb1948

AFAIK, you don't need any internet connection with the Kardia. The reading just taken is stored until over written, and can be recorded elsewhere later. For the 2 lead Kardia you need to be in audio range of the phone or tablet's microphone, and for the 6 lead within Bluetooth range. Many modern phones don't play well with the older Kardia due to fancy microphone noise cancelling software though. My latest phone doesn't work at all with it, and I have to use my Android tablet, which incidentally doesn't have any 'internet' connection except the wifi when at home.

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Nerja2012 in reply to Glb1948

Glb A good Internet connection and 2 hands.

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Glb1948 in reply to Nerja2012


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baba in reply to Glb1948

No internet required for Kardia recording.

I’ve used the FibriCheck app and found it very accurate. The readings I took when wearing a 14 day monitor came up with the same result in terms of diagnosis of AF, ectopics etc.

+1 for Kardia 6L. Accepted by my NHS consultant as valid ECG.

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