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Thank you Bob!

This is the first time I have posted anything on this site but have been enjoying following it all for about six months. First of all, thanks Bob, for always delivering a very calm, measured response to all our worries and views which have been really interesting and helpful to me. I wish I'd found Health Unlocked earlier.

Initially I went to the GP thinking that our diesel car was making me feel that i couldn't breath very well, and she took my pulse and said that I had an irregular heart beat. At that stage, it was all border line, I don't think there was much to be done. A few weeks later,I told my son, who is a junior doctor and has worked at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital that I had an irregular heart beat. He kept on telling me that I needed to see a doctor again. I couldn't understand why as I felt absolutely fine!

Some time later after an active weekend sailing in dinghies I felt really ill - difficult to say how I felt, but it didn't feel like it was anything to do with my heart. I then knew that I needed to see a doctor! Then I was referred to a cardiologist and then an electrophysiologist and have since had an unsuccessful cardioversion and then ablation. As I had both a flutter and persistent AF I was asked if I would like to be part of a trial which involved having a repeat ablation ten weeks later, if required. I had that in July. All seems to be well, although I seem to have had an "interesting" heart as I think I have congenital heart disease. I'm still on medication for the moment, but feel great and have a regular heart beat, which is lovely. I'm hoping it will stay that way... I have felt very reassured that lots is being done to help me and other patients with AF.

Its been really helpful reading through your posts. Happy Christmas.

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That is a really good post Hazel and highlights how often GPs are less than fully clued up on this mongrel condition. Lucky you have a junior doctor (soon to be consultant one hopes) in the family to chivvy you along in the right direction.

Do have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy New Year.



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