Thanks to all

Thanks to all

When you are feeling absolutely great even though its Silly Season one can only appreciate the Surgeon and Hospital Staff especially the lovely Paramedics who have looked after me over the 5 years of this condition. A big thankyou to you all including the Administrators and Volunteers for your support its almost 3 months after Cryoablation and doing really well so far. We have No arrhythmia Nurses or education in our local Regional Setting Australia and you have benefited me in many ways. I wish you all a calm and even heart throughout the Christmas period from myself and my gorgeous sweet tempered scruffy little fur bundle called "Lulu" Thankyou

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  • And a wonderful Christmas to you also.

  • And to you and Lulu also. X

  • Excellent news, merry Christmas to you too from the frozen north of the U.K. Beautiful dog by the way.

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