Tooth Extraction whilst in AF

Yet again I am having problems with my teeth!

I am in AF and am due to have a tooth extracted tomorrow morning at 9 am. My dentist told me not to take my Apixaban tonight then to resume after the extraction. I am worried about this and am unsure what to do - am not keen on missing my Apixaban whilst in AF - even one dose. I have already put off the extraction twice before and I think my dentist is getting fed up with me and my AF! Any comments would be helpful. Many thanks..Patricia.

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  • Hi,

    Missing one dose should be fine, I have had a few procedures including tooth extraction and have had to stop blood thinner at least 24 hours before with no problem.

    Just resume as soon as it is done.

    Medical staff are used to us with this medication.

    Take care,


  • Sounds fine to me.I too have had a couple of minor 'ops' without stopping Apixaban.No problems.

  • Don't take any advice from me, but I miss a dose of Apixaban about once a week just due simply to poor memory.

  • HaHa! I have too...don't start me on my memory!! I have to make written lists at the start of each day! I just wondered if missing it whilst in AF would be more risky...ah well.the tooth has got to come fingers crossed!!.

  • Oh well, perhaps you'll forget your dental appointment, end of problem 😀

  • Hi borghetti here l had a crown removed l got of my warfrin for 3 days before extraction then still all good lve been on warfrin now for 12 years the more you relax the better it is you be fine

  • No longer the way they do it now. Don't need to come off anticoagulants.

  • I had a tooth extraction recently I was on Warfarin and had an INR blood test the day before but never stopped the Wafarin

  • I had a tooth extracted recently the first for 50 years, I was amazed how things have improved! As you may well know there is a strong connection between poor mouth health (they always looked fine to me, flossing is being a bit wimpish!) and heart/other health issues. Consequently, I have spent a fortune on inlays, root fillings, mercury amalgam refills and general work over the last 3 years. I would look at this and consider with a professional Naturopath Magnesium and particularly CoQ10 for gum health & heart. All the best.

  • Hi gemini52 simple go to your doctor to clear if he says its fine nothing to worry about and after all the doctors the one that's looking after you

  • Thank you all for your comments. Tooth now gone and I am fine. Still in AF but no adverse effects. Didn't take me Apixaban last night then took it one hour after extraction. I definitely overthink things and worry too much. Thanks again - Patricia.

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