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After cryoablation

I had my op on Monday under sedation. I felt very comfotable and apart from the strong heartbeats every so often didn't the procedure at all daunting. I went into AF immediately after the op but they gave some bisoprlol and it reverted back. Unfortunately i did have a heavy bleed from tbe femoral artery when i stood up for thefirst time but the nurses dealt with it very quickly. Now I am expefiencing rapid pulserate and my machine sometimes showing AF. Is this normal

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Yes of course. Your heart has had a lot of stress and will take quite some time to heal. Three to six months is normal and lots of things will happen in that time. Please take it easy and don;pt worry.

Just for the record it is a femoral vein they access not an artery but still red stuff running out. I nearly floated out of bed on my first ablation and had to have a femstop clamp to cease the bleeding. Very messy!


Hi, I also had cryoablation about a month ago and I still have short bouts of AF, especially at night. The cardiologist who conducted the procedure said that it takes a bit of time for the heart to recover itself. That is why they review the situation after 3 months.


I hope you are feeling better by now, but my EP also says to expect some AF and that it will be 3 months before you can tell if it really helped. I'm going to keep repeating this to myself and try not to get my hopes to high for feeling better too soon. Take it easy and keep us updated. I go in for mine on Tuesday. Good Luck!


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