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Post-Cryoablation "Wobbles"

There have been a number of recent posts about ectopics/AF after ablation. My experience has been as follows. Cryo-ablation 16th July 2016. Sore throat afterwards but no real problems. Steady build up on the exercise (reported in earlier post). Odd missed beat but nothing sustained.

8 weeks after cryo-ablation short bout of AF (18 hours) whilst cycling in Colorado. Possibly due to a stressfull argument and/or too much cycling. Backed off on the cycling - avoided big hills.

12 weeks after cryoablation AF reappeared, left it for 4 days but did not resolve so went to A+E and had cardioversion.

Pulse been steady as a rock since (5 weeks). I have had a review with my EP and he suggested no action but we see how I go for the timebeing. Review in 3 months.

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Sounds like good advice. Hopefully your AF episodes will be few and far between, if at all. If not, go back to the EP and ask for further options, if necessary push the point. Exercise if clearly important to you (as it is to me) but remember that AF is more common in endurance athletes than the rest of the population (maybe 2x).

I've been AF free for 12 months now and continue to exercise but at a more moderate level than before. Hopefully, I can enjoy the lifestyle but not aggravate any possible focus of AF.

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