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I'm new here. I've had AF for years but did nothing about it as I do not like hospitals or doctors and it did not make me feel that ill. Finally got "caught" by GP 3 years ago, referred to cardiology and am now on warfarin and PIP (flecainide). Now, however, episodes are getting more frequent and I would like to start keeping a diary to see how often I am actually in AF . ( usually I still just ignore it and only pop a pill if it is making me feel ill). So, please can anyone recommend a heart rate monitor for home use? Thank you.

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  • Hello Sallysand and welcome to the forum. I too have PAF and have found the Kardia monitor (previously called Alivecor) to be a useful tool for capturing elusive episodes and the traces are acceptable to both my GP and cardiologists.

    Amazon if you are in the UK may be the best place - I paid £99 a couple of years ago. The device works with iPhones, iPads and some Androids and is very easy to set up and use with an app downloadable from the Kardia/Alivecor website.

  • Thank you very much Finvola.

  • The Kardia or really the only one of its kind. Brilliant in my view.

    If you get one the default reading duration is 30s but realistically to get a much better reading and values it's best to change the time to 2 minutes.

  • Thank you Peter. I'm hoping to buy something soon, even though it's not really my idea of a Christmas present!

  • Realistically it's the best Christmas present you've ever had - after all it's your health!!!!!!

  • Hi Sallysand,

    In my experience just a heart rate monitor alone will only do part of a job. Now my next comment is based on the fact that you are in Britain, if you are elsewhere in the world then there are no doubt agents nearby.

    I use a Microlife WatchBP Home blood pressure monitor which is one of the few approved by NICE in Britain that will record your blood pressure and heart rate and will also tell you when you are in AF. It is for home use. The down side to it is you will only know you are in AF when you take a blood pressure reading. The upside is that its no good taking a HR reading in isolation without looking at BP too.

    There maybe mobile heart rate monitors around which may tell you if you are in AF.

    Then again you could also consider Kardia, expensive and some people seem to struggle with the technical side of it but it will produce an ECG printout. It is attached to ones mobile phone - I understand that it has application for Apple and Android phones.

    Hope this helps.


  • When in AF at least (don't know about NSR as I'm in persistent AF) the Kardia is more accurate re the heart rate than the Microlife. I have both and log both.

  • Thank you. This has been most helpful. I'll let you know what I end up getting.

  • Check with them that it will work with your phone. I got a very vague unhelpful reply on my Microsoft Nokia Lumia 640 Plus

  • Noted! Thank you.

  • I think that's the key - what type of AF are you in - nowadays I have no AF, always in NSR, so hardly any point in buying expensive kit to monitor something which doesn't exist. But, I still have an ongoing need to monitor my blood pressure, so Microlife gives me a bonus.

    Apart from a flu like feeling in the beginning, the only warning I had of AF was erratic blood pressure behaviour. If my diet gets out of control and affects my gut, the first thing to go haywire is my blood pressure. It can jump from a sedate 125/70 ish to over 160/90 in a few hours and take about 5 days to return to the 125/70 figure.

    I too keep a log but tend to ignore individual results, rather I focus on trends and standard deviations. If all are within reasonable parameters then I don't worry and don't obsess with it.

  • I use a Kardia, very simple and produces an ECG which I have shown to my EP. I downloaded an app to my iPhone which is very easy to use.

    Note that the Kardia does not need to be connected to your device, as I originally thought. Just hold it nearby, hands steady on the table. I mention that because I spent time looking for one to fit to the iPhone that I had at the time and to be honest, when I got it, it didn't fit well at all anyhow so I never bothered.


  • Noted! Many thanks

  • My best suggestion for anyone and you too try a month of fruit diet only !!!

    Yes veggies too why not don't touch the meat or carbs just fruit and veggies you'll see if you'll feel more calm and your heart will beat slower

    Not migraine ....yap

    The problem is that people don't try it ....if not it will prologue the tablets life till the days of the stem cells also have look on YouTube this link soon they will do the same with your heart

  • I'm already a veggie and vegan when I can, without being a social outcast. I'll give the no carbs a go. Thanks

  • I'm more interested in the rehabilitation of stroke patients as I have had a stroke. The implantation of stem cells in the brain is at stage 2 in the UK and the list of patients for the clinical trial is closed. I can live with my AF but recovering from the stroke damage would be great.

  • I'm really sorry for your stroke I hope for you the treatment soon will help you to recover that's why I post the link as Cateter ablation decision is not always the best afterall best treatments are just around the corner if we can hold a bit more

    Take care

  • Kardia - it is well trialled, doctors love it, it keeps a log on a cloud based system so previous ECG traces stored in your journal is accessible from anywhere, it is a small cover that attaches to your smart phone so mobile and always with you - personally I never carry a BP monitor in my handbag - but always have my Kardia in there!

  • Noted! Many thanks.

  • Maggielo seen ep last week,won,t do ablation yet,cos had mini stroke feb,he said he was going to tell cardiologist to fit heart monitor under skin in chest to see how often I, m getting AF. anyone else had this done, it is recorded with wyfi and hand held remote

  • They are not available from Amazon at the moment but there is a company I have found via Google called PMS instruments..they are selling these at £88.99 with free postage ..seems like a very good deal to me..they also have a large range of Cardio related items that may be of interest to some..

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