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I am on Sotahexal 60mg 2x pd. for 3 weeks now. My heart is still not in rhythm and when I wake 3h00 am the rate is 54 and lying on my left side, out of rhythm. Walking for 20 meters make me so out of breath and the my heart is really bouncing and uneven. A terrible feeling.

I also take Sinopren 10 and Xarelto.

I feel the Sotahexal is blocking my heart too much.

Does anybody know if one can take Xarelto every 2nd day. A little bump on my forearms is bleeding under the skin and it looks terrible.

I am worried. Did write to the AF sister but she didn't come back to me yet.

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You must not vary the dose of anticoagulants such as xarelto or you will not be protected form stroke. If you are worried see your GP.

Anita5858 in reply to BobD

Thanks BobD. I will wait for the cardiologist sister to come back to me.

I'd take the medication as prescribed and contact your doctor

I'm not competent to comment on anything else you mention but, as BobD says, you really shouldn't make any changes to the frequency with which you take the anticoagulant (Xarelto). You definitely increase your risk of a stroke doing that.

I do sympathise over how unsightly the bruising can be and how self-conscious that can make one feel. The backs of my hands are often covered in 'purple patches' after the slightest of knocks. BUT ….. a cardiologist whose opinions I respect has assured me that this is no matter for concern. My solution is to wear long-sleeved clothes in public and to wear fingerless gloves if the weather is cool enough to make that not seem 'odd.'

Thank you. No I will not do anything without the recommendation of the Cardiologist. By the way they haven't come back to me yet.

Maybe ask to try a different anticoagulant. I am on apixaban and no bruising.

Are you in UK? Ask to see EP and also consider ablation. At least get the information and then you can plan a way forward.

Good luck 🍀

Anita5858 in reply to lallym

Thank you very much. I will ask about Apixaban. Do you drink it only once daily.

lallym in reply to Anita5858

It’s tablet and twice daily. It leaves the system more quickly but this can be a plus in the event of bleeding or need to come off it for some treatments. Anyway I have no problem with it and generally it gets good reports from trials.

Anita5858 in reply to lallym

Thank you, it sounds a better one than Xarelto.

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