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How many ablations are enough?

After waiting 10 months I was given the date of 15th September for my ablation, unfortunately on the 14th September I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Hence the ablation was cancelled.

Two weeks following this cancellation and prior to my breast surgery I attended the AF patients day, which was brilliant, The talk by Prof Shillings on ablation just confirmed all I had read. It has made me seriously consider how I proceed with the ablation. The cardiologist I am under for the ablation only does about 20 ablations a year now, he has in the past done many more, he told me that his audits are comparable to others in the field. I think that the breast cancer has made me reassess and at the moment I am not sure if I should ask to be referred to another Doctor who performs more ablations.

What do you think?

Thank you. x

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I really can't comment if your question is how many should the EP be doing? Obviously the more the merrier just as a pilot needs so many hours each year to retain his licence, I hope your surgery went well and glad they were prepared to go ahead. I know my cancer surgery would not have been possible had I still got AF as they told me 4 and 1/2 hours was too long in such cases.

It does seem that since ablation is not a cure, just a better way of improving QOL like many NHS cut backs it is what they call shroud chasing. (Only do something if it saves lives. ) I know of many EPs who are restricted on how many ablations they can do so do wonder if you will get any better chance elsewhere.

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Thank you Bob, as always a wise answer.


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