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CV/ Ablation

HI this is my second post reference my ? on CV/ Ablation I have not been receiving my post for some reason , I am due to go in 16th Nov for my 2rd Ablation the dilemma I have I had a CV in June this year which so far has kept me in SR , my question is do I go ahead with the Ablation or cancel and hope I stay in SR any feed back would be great .Thanks.

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My purely personal opinion is that since cardioversion is not a cure for AF then it will return. The big question is when. If you cancel the ablation and then it returns you will feel very silly I guess. Others may well say wait and to be honest there is no right answer, only what it right for you at this moment.

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Thanks for your good advice Bob will keep you posted either way .


Oh dear. Typical, isnt it. I think depends a lot on how severe your episodes were, how often and how long they lasted. Could you talk to ep, maybe postpone for 3/6 months? Unfortunately at end of day only you can make decision but good luck whatever you decide 🍀


Thanks for replying lots to think about will keep you updated .


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