CV or no CV?

Hi everyone, I was in hospital six months ago with a very high fluctuating heart rate. I've since had 24 hour and echo checks and my cardiologist has suggested I now have a cardioversion procedure. As long as I can remember I have had 'flutters' and so I believe I have had AF for many years. The medication I'm on seems to have helped and my bp and hr seem to be under control. My question is should I go for the cv procedure or not?

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  • Yes go for it.

    It's not a procedure per se like an ablations. Takes less than 5 minutes. They can tell a lot from the CV and the results as to what options there area / are appropriate going forward. The first thing is whether or not you return to NSR, next how much energy is needed and very importantly do you feel better in NSR?

  • Many thanks Peter

  • Yes indeed. DCCV may put you into NSR or not depending on the extent of the rogue path ways. It may last a long time or seconds but it will enable the doctors to understand and plan the next phase of treatment.

    May I suggest that you go to AF Association main website and read all you can as knowledge is power. You don't mention what drugs you are on but if 67 is your age then you do need to consider anticoagulation as AF makes us more at risk of stroke. Please discuss with your doctor.

  • Definitely. It could benefit you no end. Might not, but could do. The way you are at the moment seems steady but...truth is it generally only gets worse. Try to get there before IT does.


  • Cv has worked for me, giving long term nsr. I don't think you could lose out, even if nsr doesn't last long. It's not invasive at all and simple. Since then I have ceased all medication.

  • Thanks Tony, I've decided to give it a go!

  • You will need to be on an anticoagulant because of the danger of strokes.

  • Brilliant.

  • Hi John I had one in Feb that put me in NSR for 4 months it was great to feel normal again even for a few months and if nothing else gives you an idea of how badly out of synch you feel normally. I dropped back to my normal state of flutter one night, nothing out of the ordinary just woke up having an episode. Since then I had another CV at the end of August and again I am in NSR although this time I have had a few up and down days but still overall feel reasonably normal.

    For both as they were done privately I went in at 6pm one day, nothing to eat or drink from 11 then zapped the next morning around 7:30 while asleep on the white juice, back in the room by 8:30 monitored for a few hours followed by lunch and then released to the wild in the afternoon feeling fine.

    Hope it works as well for you

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