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I will soon be taking a long haul flight to the Far East. Over the years on previous flights to the Far East I have always worn flight support stockings to reduce the risks of flight related DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). Having recently been diagnosed with AF, amongst other medications I am now taking 20 mg of Rivaroxaban each day. Is it advisable to still wear the flight support stockings or can I dispense with them?

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  • Better safe than sorry so I would wear them. I was surprised to see so many passengers with bare feet and flip flops during my flight to USA last year. I seemed to be the only one with flight socks but they did give me confidence.

  • Thanks for the advice jennydog

  • I agree with Jennydog. I flew to SA a few weeks ago wearing them throughout and will be wearing them coming back. Even without af I think they are of benefit. I'm on apixaban, or was, changed here to Riveroxaban when pills were mislaid. No Apixaban in SA apparently.

  • Thank you Peddling -- your comments are appreciated

  • I would be interested to know how you plan to manage your rivaroxaban with the time change given that they say it's important to take it at the same time every day. I'm also going to the Far East in December with an eight hour time difference. I usually take mine at 8pm at night so will probably switch it to 8am when I'm there so 4 hours out of sync.

  • Talk to a pharmacist or an anticoagulation specialist (if your local hospital service has one like pours does).

    From what I have seen before switching by that in one go is not appropriate. I know for one person it was suggested that the time was adjusted by 1 or 2 hours a day and that its better to reduce the period between taking two consecutive tablets rather than increasing. Yes ultimately in a month you will have taken 1 or 2 extra tablets but probably less risky than missing one or two.

    Look at the leaflet because certainly in the case of Apixaban in the event of a clot a double dose is allowed for 7 days in which case it could be that the time can be reduced further. Also see what it says about a missed dose. You can always look on the manufacturer's site as well.

    I'm not medically qualified.

  • If a pill is every 12 hours, keep it that way. Keep your watch or iPhone set on your home time. Set the alarm.

  • I take my Rivaroxaban at the same time as you -- I'm planning to take it two to three hours later each day gradually adjusting to the seven hour time difference

  • I got a DVT from a 5 hour car journey 15 years, then discovered I had Factor V Leiden heterogenous. My kids have inherited it and when they do long haul I tell them no alcohol, drink plenty of water and do calf flexing exercises during the flight and before make sure you have gone for a good long walk.

  • Had two long haul flights this year the last one was Indonesia came back last week wore flights socks on both occasions,on warfarin and 10mg bisoptolol ,drunk plenty of water and moved around the plane a lot ,enjoy your trip !! Brenda

  • I spoke to my cardiologist and told me that long haul flights are ok with someone with AF. Do walk around if you can. Let me know how do you get as I am off to S America soon...

  • Thank you very much everyone for your helpful words of advice

  • I am starting Riveroxiban tomorrow and I leave for Australia next Thursday. I will keep one watch on UK time and make sure I take them at the same time then as I am in OZ for 6 months will change it by an hour a day until I am back to 9am. Do you all think that would work OK? Just want to say this group is excellent and it is the lovely people on here that have given me the confidence to take the anti coagulants. Happy New Year to you'll.

  • Hi Patricia--I believe what you suggest is absolutely fine -- Have a safe and enjoyable journey. Happy New Year

  • Thank you jeffsimon and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

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