Diabetic foot check

I had a fun time at my diabetic foot check today when it came to the circulation scan, I heard the uneven AF beat coming from my foot. It took the podiatrist by surprise, she said she couldnt remember hearing it happening before even though I told her about the AF. Then she said do I get it often, so I told her all the time. I think she will be reading up on AF at some time.


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  • Amazing the number of health care professionals who are in the dark over AF

  • Unfortunately it no longer amazes me or surprises me because I have seen it so often. Don't mind at all if they knows a nothing and says a nothing!!!

    What is frightening is the wrong information or c..p that some of them give out when talking about it and it is sometimes down right dangerous or in contradiction of NICE, etc, etc.

    This is not limited to nurses and other medical specialists but to some doctors, consultants and dentists as well.

  • I've not noticed that during my foot checks although in permanent AF. They always tell me that I have very good circulation.

  • That can be relative and subjective. It would be interesting to know what yours is like in comparison to a normal person with no AF and no health issues.

    BTW it is not a prerequisite that because you have AF that your circulation is poor especially if you don't have other health issues, particularly heart ones!!

  • I'll need to arrange a group session :-)

    I was always told the before ever having heard of AF.

  • I feel sort-of blessed because my GP has AF himself. He's had about 4 cardioversions, and by now has had 4 ablations. He is familiar with what AF feels like, and with all the meds. He's like me in that he often gets AF worst at night, and he knows exactly what I mean when I talk about trying to lie on my right side, etc!

  • Your lucky compared to most on here. My GP is very good but leaves monitoring and research to me and then validates.

  • Yes, I consider myself lucky. He's been our doctor for 37 years. (And before that his father was our doctor when I was a child. In fact his father delivered me - I was born at home.) I feel very safe with him.

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