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Update on Amiodarone and ramipril !!

Hi all, after being cardioverted again in June I've stayed in nsr , ( hooray ) only a couple of hiccups ( couldn't sleep on Amiodarone, so arrhythmia nurse ( in July) reduced dose to 100mg ( from 200mg) which did the trick after about 6 weeks ) , had about a week of sleeping well when I started coughing day and night. October appointment with arrhythmia nurse stopped ramipril ( which I had been on for a year with no problems , what's that all about ) and put on candesartan 2 days later and cough had gone !! So now plodding nicely ticking off my bucket list in between blood tests, blood pressure checks , work etc .............

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Roony39 Your history of medication changes is exactly a mirror of mine, although my second cardioversion didn't last. The cough came back in my case after a week or so of changing from ramipril, but not so severely and I had a tip that sipping sparkling water helped, which it does.

Hope you continue on the upwards track and fulfil your dreams!

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Hi Roony39

I had to try 5 HB pressure tablets before one suited me,terrible cough with Ramipril now on Ibersartan which does the trick.Same happened with anticoagulants dreadful side effects with NOAC's but fine on Warfarin.

I am sure my GP thought I was a hypochondriac but got there in the end.

Best Wishes

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