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Changing from apixaban to riveroxaban

Hi, has anyone experience of the above? If so, how did you do it. I am currently on 5 mcgs x2 daily. But Riveroxaban is 20 mcgs daily. I am in SA at the moment and GP says just to start Riveroxaban the evening of my usual Apixaban. Reason for this is I have mislaid my pack of Apixaban and it's not available here. It will be a temporary thing until I am back in the Uk.No point speaking to my uk doc. as she is not knowledgeable on noac issues. Guy here seems confident but would appreciate your thoughts.

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I think this NHS document confirms what has been said, but I just Googled it so don't rely on it from me!


Thanks Koll and Bob, i appreciate your response. I don't really have any other option. I did think though that several folk had changed their noac's for various reasons and would have liked to hear their experiences.


Due to the shorty half life of these drugs this would appear correct.


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