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Should I be worried?

So I had an ablation almost six months ago. All went well and, apart from a very brief episode three weeks later, have had no af at all (yay!) and have reduced Bisoprool from 7.5 to 2.5mg daily and stopped Flecainide on recommendation from Arrythmia Nurse at follow up appointment.However my heart rate has been consistently higher since the ablation (was approx 65 prior to ablation), running from high 70's to high 80's. Today it was 94 when I got up and has remained at that rate all day. I feel ok and have walked three miles today with no problem, but this is freaking me out a bit. I know this is quite common after ablation but this seems high to me. Should I just chill out? Any advice would be very welcome. Thanks in advance. Jean

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Jean the more you worry the worse it will be. Raised heart rate post ablation is very common and of course it will go up during stress or exercise anyway. If it is steady and regular I would try not to get too stressed about it but why not ring your arrhythmia nurse if it continues? By the way, normal heart rate is considered to be between 60 and 100.


Thank you Bob, going to try and chill out and stop taking my pulse all the time! Will give arrhythmia nurse a call if it continues. Thanks again, appreciate it.


I had this too but it did gradually reduce and is now in high 60s/low 70s. Chill!!

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Hi lallym, thank you for your reply. Can I ask how long it took for you hr to go down? My resting hr was 99 today and was making me feel particularly anxious so I rang Arrythmia Nurse. She said I was probably experiencing rebound tachycardia after coming off meds and to up my bisoprolol temporarily to help me through this. So I'll give it a try and see how things go, feel a bit more 're-assured. Trouble is, when it is going that fast, I obsessively take my heart rate which makes me more anxious-vicious circle. I definitely need to try and chill out a bit, wish I knew how though!


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