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I have had AF once back end of 2014. I use an alivecor regularly and never had AF on it. I took the alivecor to the gym and decided to look at my heart rate immediate you post stopping running. Gave several unclassified readings and then an AF reading. Once my heart rate return red to around 100 tested again and fine. Is this just an issue with the alivecor not being able to cope with high heart rate levels or a possible AF reading. Is it possible for AF to come on in excuse and then go away. Thoughts appreciated.


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  • Quite possible for AF to come and go. AliveCor works fine at much higher rates than that.

  • PeterWh , I'm New to AliveCor, as you may recall . I'm getting heart rates over 100bpm but regular , coming back as unclassified. Im assuming that this will detect AF though when it is , say 150/160 and above ?


  • I'll have a look in the morning to see what my highest number was. If not always submit a question to AliveCor help desk as I have found them very good.

  • How do I submit question to alive core?

  • My alive cor only picked up af for the first time the other day. After the first reading I waited five minutes and did it again, it said af again. When I got to hospital the ECG I had done there was fine. I think it can come and go.

  • jellybean, I had the same experience on Friday. I had 2 af readings. The ecg monitor at surgery wasn't working (!), so went to Casualty. The duty doctor said, 'only atrial ectopics' on their trace, go home. I was very concerned as I hadn't pinged any af on the kardia before. Fortunately the nurse was very understanding. Now I'm not sure how I feel about the Kardia - is it making me more stressed out?

  • Whenever I have been in AF there is never any doubt on the AliveCor, had readings over 180 with and without AF which have been confirmed on a 12 lead by paramedics.

    I also get unclassified - often ectopics, both atria and ventricular. I really wouldn't get stressed out about unclassified. The idea of the Kardia is to be able to get a trace to take to your Doctor or EP so that they can document an episode - doesn't count in medical terms unless it is documented,

    If you find that is you do worry more when you see the ECG trace, then don't use it as worrying is not going to help you. You know your own body, so go by how you feel.

  • I always print my AF readings they have always been correct from Hr50/180 a few mins to a few days took to hosp and compared with thier ECG it was the same

  • My alivecor gives me af readings when im af at 70 bpm and 160bpm the un classified readings are usually due to too much interference my goes mad when i have pins and needles anywhere on my self

  • Short answer:

    I have found the Unclassified readings very helpful at pointing out that even though I am not in AF, there is something the doctors should look at.

    Some detail:

    Being new to the Kardia I decided to send some Unclassified reports away as an investment in getting to know both what's going on with my ticker and the parameters of the Kardia. Below is a bit of what I found out.

    Because I'm having slow heartbeat with bisoprolol, I ignore any "Unclassified" that are at 49 BPM or below, as they may simply be Unclassified due to the pulse being out of the normal range. (I did send one of these away for analysis and it was fine, just out of the normal range).

    One recent example: I sent some away for analysis and the reports pointed out that I am getting runs of ventricular ectopics, sometimes out of the normal range, sometimes with multiple morphologies, and need a medical opinion to be on the safe side.

    Off to the GP with them this week.

    Hope this helps.

  • May be worth sending off a couple

  • Hiya Mazza, thanks.

    Yes having several reports helped me choose one that showed the big picture, and hold the others in reserve in case my GP needed more detail.

    She looked at the report, examined that ECG in detail and decided I need a referral to an EP.

    So I would definitely say sending them off would help anyone in doubt.

    Hope you are recovering after ablation and getting stronger every day, xx B

  • Yes getting better arm still very bruised and sore groin fine no bruise to speak of

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