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Chest pain and AF

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with AF in Jan 2015 following general anaesethic. I take the usual meds - flecanaid, rivaroxiban and angitil. I can go months without any symptoms then have periods of daily AF for several weeks. Recently. I've developed early morning central chest pain, like a sharp tightening which passes after a few minutes. Anyone else experiencing this? I've had an ecg, all fine, consultant has referred me for a CTag (I think that's what it's called?), but I'm anxious now. Any thoughts you'd be so kind as to share? Thanks x

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If I had chest pain more than a few times I would be off to see my GP.I have a fairly uncomplicated PermAF but I would need my GPs reassurance as for the possible reasons for the chest pain.


Don't be afraid to present at A and E if you have chest pain better to be safe


Thanks for replying. I have seen the GP, hence the referral. I think A&E if it gets worse.


I'm surprised your mentioning a GP?

I'd be talking to your Cardiologist rather than a GP no matter how wonderful we might think they are. They don't have the knowledge of cardiac rhythms that Cardiologists do or EP's for that matter.

Like others have said, any chest pain should be checked out at A and E pronto!


I have seen the cardiologist. My GP contacted him to bring forward my check up appointment. It's he who has referred me for a CTag.


Ah ok!

I've never heard of a CTag?

Do mean a CT scan? 😊


I am sure that must be what it is, the letter refers to a CTag scan, which I assume is a CT scan of the heart? We shall see! There doesn't seem to be any urgency but the pain worries me.

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