Mild chest pain

I am a bit skeptical about heading to the doctor, I have had mild chest pain on and off for the last week which lasts from about 5 minutes up to half an hour. I have had Af for several years but no real problems. I am coming off an unrelated medication and feel that this may be the cause. I am on the low risk chads and not on anti coagulants and am seeing th EP on the 5th February and am inclined just to wait until I see him. Any thoughts.

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  • I think you should be having anti-coagulants if you have had recurring AF,. Regarding the chest pain,it is best to go to A and E when this happens so they can check your ECG to see if there is a cause other than the ending of your medication. It is much better to be safe than sorry with chest pain

    hope all goes well

  • Unless you are sure it is indigestion I would get t checked. Can't be too careful.


  • I'd go to A&E to put my mind at rest. Re Chads, I have an arrhythmia and a score of zero by the way, and my EP prescribes Warfarin. I don't feel confident that the Chads scoring system works to be honest. For me not to be on AG's would be ridiculous and life-threatening IMO.



  • Thank you all for your positive responses will not leave anything too long, just wanted to find out if I was being a complete dag by being worried unecessarily or not.

  • With chest pain, you are never worrying unnecessarily. My hubby is having chest pains and it's hard work persuading him to get them seen to, but as I keep telling him, it is better to check...

  • hi

    I also had mild chest pain last weekend, Iwent to work monday and carried in untill 7pm monday when I really started to feel really unwell, I phoned 111, they then phoned for an ambulance was then blue lighted to a and e! to cut a long story short it was decided after 2 ecgs blood tests and chest x ray that the pain was caused by my stomache! advised to take gaviscon along with lansoperazole I already take.

    no one gave me the impression that I was making a fuss, so I would definately advise a trip to hospital just to get checked out as better safe than sorry eh. off you go then and let us know the outcome.

  • Go to the doctor and ask to be referred to the an arryhmia specialist. You should have anti coags. I get a lot of chest pain but because I am well anti coagulated I don't worry but I would if I didn't take them.

  • I'm in NSR and have been for a couple of months and do get 'indigestion' type pains sometimes, usually on the left side of my chest. Probably eating too late at night or the drugs or both. However, the other night i was half asleep and turned onto my left side and felt the missed beats start and thump away as has happened before. Then there was a pain, just right of centre, that was very different and a bit scary. Much deeper and insistent than indigestion. A deep ache. It went away once i turned off my left side. I shall keep an eye on this and certainly mention it when I see the Cardio in early March.

  • Call and get an earlier appointment or go to your gp and get EKG I had a fib only one time it never came back it was not a good experience they also can put you on a 24 hour holter monitor don't wait

  • Get an appointment earlier or go to gp to get EKG or 24 hour holter don't wait I hadw a fib before and it's not pleasant how is your blood pressure

  • I have been getting mild chest pains on and off every few weeks for several years which are probably caused by oesophageal spasms.. They are identical to the pain I got when I had a small heart attack last August. Many conditions cause chest pain and most of these are fairly harmless but heart attacks aren't so go and get it checked out. When I had my heart attack in the middle of the night I nearly didn't ring for an ambulance and it was only because I had a home blood-pressure monitor which showed a very elevated blood pressure that I was persuaded that an ambulance would be a good idea.

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