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Ganglionated Plexus Ablation - a few references

I know there is some interest in this procedure among our group. I became interested myself (purely theoretically) so I did a bit of research. The first link leads to Dr Sabine Ernst's trial which you will see is due to end in November. The second leads to a trial already completed. The third is a more accessible report about the second.

Before you read any of these please note that the Ernst trial is apparently different to the AFACT trial so if you are considering joining the Ernst trial the report from the completed trial may not be relevant to you.

I do not want to seem to be scaremongering but thought the techies among you might be interested. I know the trial participants are warned of any possible adverse effects in great detail!

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Thank you Buffafly. I found this very interesting. I shall continue to cope with my 6/8 monthly episodes of fast AF and subsequent cardioversions for the time being !



Here's dr Ernst reply when I asked her about the AFACT trial last week

The surgical paper that you have found is an entirely different approach which does not use any individual imaging studies and demonstrates that a "one fits all" approach on those GPs is not working. Our study is tayloring the treatment to your own heart and carefully tests and only ablates GPs if additional tests are positive during the ablation procedure itself.

It's a completely different procedure, I believe the AFACT was thoraciscopic

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Yes, I thought it was part of a mini maze procedure which is much more invasive than the usual ablation. I shall be interested to know how 'your' procedure is done.


It's a standard ablation, pvi first then the GP ablation with same rf Catheter

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I understand Dr Ernst uses a unique mapping system which merges with the older GPS type mapping which makes treating the sympathetic nerves possible.

There seems to be big advances in the offing which look really exciting.

Thanks for posting.


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