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Nosebleed and on Apixaban


Not been on here for a while. Hope everyone is keeping as well as possible

Just need a bit of advice. I am on Apixaban and had a nosebleed earlier (I have a chesty cough cold at present). It took 3 attempts to stop it. First 10 mins of pressure then 20 mins then 30 mins.

My question is Do I take my Apixaban tonight at 10pm?

I am tempted not to in case the nosebleed starts again

I know you can't say yes or no as to whether to take it or not just wondered what others have done in same situation



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Personally I feel that being anticoagulated is very important and apixaban has a short half life hence it needs to be taken twice a day.

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I do sympathise with all my heart! I've had horrendous 3 hour bleeds caused by an allergic reaction and I also take Apixaban. Firstly, I always grip my nose for 30 minutes without checking if it has stopped. I also suck an ice cube - difficult to breathe but it constricts the blood vessels and helps to control the bleed.

I was always advised to take my Apixaban - scared the willies in case the bleed started again but I told myself a bleed all over my pillow is better than the risk of stroke. Once the inflamed tissue had done its bleeding, it didn't restart in my case and I've had about six bleeds in the last 2 years. Hopefully, yours is also coming from inflamed tissues and you'll have no more trouble.

It would be a good idea to talk to your GP and get advice - perhaps from the out of hours service?

Chin up - I know how you feel. xx


Finvola thanks so much for the reply

I have had a weakness in my right nostril since a child and colds etc always start it off. Was just worried that it took so long to stop. Will remember next time to do the 30 mins pressure straight away!

I will take the Apixaban as usual. I'm sure that's the best plan


Really feel for you, I am not a medic. When I went for tooth problem I stopped Apix for a day.

Good luck, do what you feel your body needs but obviously being anti co-agulated is crucial.

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I've been on eliquis (apixaban) for 2 years , and the first month my nose would bleed

profusely -- but I continued to take it twice daily. After that 4/6 weeks I have yet to have another incidence of nosebleed.

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Just an update. I carried on with Apixaban. Had 2 further bleeds in the next couple of days which stopped after 30 mins pressure. Have been ok since.

I guess each time these things test us it's a learning curve!


I know it's 2 years since you guys were discussing this. I've just started on Apixaban and just had my first nosebleed on it. It stopped in 15 mins with cold and pressure. Here is the correct method I found:

1. Remain calm.

2. Sit in a chair with head forward, keeping mouth open so that blood or clots will not obstruct airway and to avoid choking.

3. Squeeze sides of nose together at the bridge, below the bone, for about 15 minutes.

4. If possible, place a cold cloth or ice against your nose and face to decrease bleeding. Do not plug or block nostrils.

5. After 15 minutes, release pressure. Avoid irritation to nose. If bleeding continues, seek medical attention.


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