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Still not at work!

The other week I was wondering why work hadn't let me start back,eventually I had a meeting last week and the manager after lots of questions decided I should go away and think about how long I felt I could work at first and if I needed any assistance. So made up mind what I thought was possible at first while waiting for ablalation and trying to lose 2 St I have been told to reduce. Then on Thursday boss rings to say his bosses think I might drop dead in work so he wants me to come in for another meeting. (his words not mine).Help I don't know what to say to him.

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When I was first diagnosed with AF 25 years ago the company I worked for was concerned that it might affect my performance.

My EP wrote a 'to whom it concerns' letter explaining the nature of AF and pointing out that in principle AF should not be considered to be life threatening, properly treated, and that it was quality of life that was affected.

Before your meeting see if you can get your EP to write a letter for you. It should carry more weight than you just trying to justify your condition.



Are they paying you? If you have been signed off by your GP as fit to work then they should accept that. I agree with Pete that you should try and get a letter from EP but you won't get that in time.

Don't delay the meeting because you'll give them an excuse.

I would call on Monday and ask on what basis has this been assessed / thought so you can bring information.

Ask them the name of the doctor they have used to come to this conclusion. [I am sure they haven't but ask the question in that way].

I would send them an email this weekend and include a link to the main AFA website and ask them to look at it. Thinking about it put the question from previous paragraph in the same email.


No I have been on sick pay since 20th may.Boss not in till Sunday. Would not be able to speak to EP as not seeing till November.

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You can ring his secretary- explain- and ask for a letter?


From when did your GP say you were ok to work?


From being of September


G'day Suzieblue,

This sounds very much like a them (employer) and me (employee) matter which could develop some unpleasant twists. I think you should seek some 'Employment Law' advice and the cheapest, lowest cost option for you would be to go to Citizens Advice Bureau. You could also check out the ACAS website and if you feel so inclined you could also ring them and speak to an Adviser about your problem.

For what its worth your Employer should have as part of its Employment Policies a set Return to Work policy following sick leave. This can be a standard policy or a graduated one where an employees return to work may vary according to the nature of the sick leave, i.e. in my case there was a more strict policy in place following AF than there was following my partial knee replacement.

Of course you would be within your rights to ask your employer for a copy of the employers 'Return to work policy'.

I am a bus driver by the way.

Hope this helps - good luck.


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What twaddle.

I work for the nhs.

This Friday gone i had a disaplinary for taking time OFF.

Where do you work? Whars the job?

Only thing ive done since starting with AF is change my hours.

Your bosses obviously don't understand the condition.

I didnt. Thankfully enough here do and helped me through. But im sute if you feel able then go back.

Hood luck.

Hope all goes well.

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Also speak with your union. They will defiantly help you


Sorry to hear your predicament regarding returning back to work. I never did get to go back to my job following my diagnosis in August 2015. I was assessed by the occupational health dept, and because I take rivaroxaban I was told I couldn't return to my role, and was put on the redeployment list. Their reason was, because I was anticoagulated, I was at risk of bleeding following any assault by a patient.(I worked in a psychiatric unit) I could only be on the list for 12 weeks and then it would be adios!!. I checked with employment law and the union rep and I didn't have a leg to stand on. My job was terminated in Jan 2016 on the grounds of being unable to fulfil my role. They did absolutely zilch in finding me an alternative job. In fact I think they saw me as a liability they were glad to show the door to. Don't lose hope though and fight for your rights.


That doesn't sound very pc I am sure that union should have stopped you losing your job.


When I spoke to employment law, they said i could go down the route of claiming for unfair dismissal, but I would have to fund the legal costs with no guarantee of a successful outcome. I was not in a financial position to do this, otherwise I would have fought them to the end for treating me like that. Don't let your employer do the same to you. Good luck 🍀


They decided to let me come back on reduced hours and reduced days to see how I cope.But the bosses were really stroppy about whether I can lose two stone and when will it happen.i will get out my crystal ball and look into my future all I can do is try.😡


I cannot remember what you said you did (if your ever said that).

Are your bosses medically qualified and on what basis are they saying that? I would definitely insist that they put everything down in writing as to what your reduced hours and reduced days are and all action plans including the eight loss. To me the way they are approaching this is based on what happened in the 1990s not the 2010s.

If they refuse then I would write to them with a summary of the meeting and ask them to confirm. Preferably do this by email and make sure both delivery and read receipts are selected as the option and then print them out and save the receipts.

I suspect that on your last sick certificate that your GP crossed out the options so that it said that GP did not need to see you again. Was it for 1 month or was it for longer?

Personally I would go back to GP to say that your employer wants a certificate saying that you are fit to go back to work and that it needs to say full time (or if you are part time full hours). Ideally if you can get the GP to include number of hours and number of days that would be brilliant (some will and some won't).

Are they paying you full hours up to and including the meeting or part hours or nothing. They have to pay you.

If you are on reduced hours don't forget that if your hours are reduced by 25% your money may only reduce by say 10% because of the way the tax and NI systems work.

I would ask them for a copy of their doctor's and their occupational health assessor' reports.


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