Are ectopics permanent?

Can ectopics be a permanent thing? I seem to be aware of them all the time now. Mine are atrial triplets and I just can't seem to ignore them. I was told by my 3rd cardiologist in 2 years, that my AF occurs in 5 second bursts, so was not a risk. Really? I was offered bisoprolol, but my heart rate is not overly fast. As I am not 65, there is no further treatment, unless things get worse. OK? My Kardia has not picked up an AF run, (maybe it happens when I am asleep), but I am concerned that the ectopics are here to stay. I was wondering if anyone can help me out here; thank you.

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  • Try the deep and slow breathing technique. Use diaphragm and slow breathing to less than six breaths a minute for at least five minutes. Kills my ectopics! Everybody gets than but it seem only we AFers are so obsessed by them that we notice. Hard not to I know. I had about three months when I was getting several thousand a day according to my monitor but then I can have months of none at all.

  • They are pesky things and seem to have no logic to them at all. I also find the slow breathing technique stops them completely but it has to be maintained for at least 5 minutes (longer works better). For me, stress is a factor but so is rest after mild exertion! Relaxation techniques are also helpful.

    Mine will suddenly go away for weeks and months and then just as suddenly, start up again.

  • Hi genorm, I occasinally have a day of ectopics, which I find most uncomfortable. However I do have Bisoprolol 1.25mg as a pip and it certainly puts paid to them, if not on the first dose always on the second early evening. Definitely worth trying.


  • Thank you very much for the replies.

    Last night I tried the deep breathing technique - actually it was quite hard to start with. Diaphragm? It is an under-used muscle for me. When stress takes over, so my breathing changes to chest only. I know this is wrong! The deep, slow thing did help, so I will do it as often as I can. Darn these ectopics - for me they seem to take hold at meal-time or a time when I want to relax; at work I can usually get by reasonably well.

    I'll also use my bisoprolol as a 'pip' - anything to try to be free of the endless staccato beats.

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