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AF or Ectopics?

Hi there, wonder if any of you have had this.

I have PAF normally where I suddenly go into AF without any warning, the longest lasting 35 hours. But since my meds were juggled, yet again, I seem to be having ectopic beats, every 2nd, 3rd or 4th heartbeat. It's not as uncomfortable as AF but I am aware of it and when I'm just sat relaxing or watching TV I find myself counting how often it's happening.

My heart rate is good, 56 per min, but the ectopics are all the time now.

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Horrible aren't they. They are quite new to me, well this past month or two actually. I was getting as many as 25 in so minute and really find thrm uncomfortable. Makes it impossible to forget our hearts when they keep poking us in the chest.

I was given flecainide pill in the pocket which had been effective to try to cut them off in their prime. Not had any that I felt for two weeks then wham bang they appeared agsin earlier this afternoon the little blighters, I hate them.

Hope you can feel comfortable till they settle down.



I'm fine with them if I'm busy but don't like them when I'm sat relaxing.

I know they're not life threatening and they supposedly don't damage your heart but surely they can't be good for it??


Do they go with exercise - a quick walk or something ? If so don't worry as that's normal but if not go and see your consultant again.


No Mike they don't go.

I walk the dogs every day and do some brisk walking but they never go.


Ok sorry to hear that. Time to see a consultant who may want you do to a treadmill stress test anyway.


I get ectopics regularly usually before flipping into AF. I believe mine are a precurser to AF. Since my flecanide was increased it has stopped and I feel the best I have done for the past 2 years. If I wasnt so young and have had this problem for years I would have cancelled my name on ablation waiting list.


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