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Good morning all, does anyone think that having ectopics makes you tired.  I am asking as some days I am really not myself even when I`m not in AF but I have noticed that on these days I am having a lot of ectopics, some every 4 or seconds then others every 15 and 30 seconds.  Any thoughts please  I am on hols in Spain at mo, had 12 hour AF last week which was banging away at first then settled not too fast.  Stopped on its own, what a relief.


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I have constant ectopics and have done for some years since my successful ablation. I gave up trying to work out if this is why I get tired or if it is just I am VERY unfit.  Arthritis pain also make one tired so can never tell.  If I am busy and in an exiting environment I don't notice but once I relax I am knackered.


Thak you Bob as always. Pat


I think they do, especially when I have bouts of them.  Horrible things - sometimes I can stop them with mild exertion but sustained runs of them leave me tired and shaky.


Thanks so much.  Pat


Ectopics make me feel tired and shaky - I'm not sure if I just notice them much more since my AF diagnosis but they aren't pleasant.  Do hope you stay well and enjoy the rest of your holiday.


I wonder whether exhaustion actually results in heart blips such as ectopics as opposed to it being the other way around.

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I have HF and a very high incidence of ectopics. My EP said he is not sure which has caused which but, because of other health problems (mainly arthritis) I cannot lie in the position required for as long as needed for an ablation so I am stuck. 

The EP said that when I felt "the bumps" and was feeling breathless and tired and shaky, it would be best to just take it easy until I felt better. He said that he could possibly perform an ablation under a general anaesthetic but, in his experience, he finds that the ectopics stop and there is nothing to ablate. 

It makes planning ahead for things a bit difficult but if I'm feeling rough I try to sleep it off. It's weird, but I can get up at 8am and get on with things, then feel rough at 9am and go back to bed and sleep like a baby for a couple of hours. 


If an ectopic beat is the ventricle contracting out of sequence, it makes sense a lot of them could make you tired.  That's simply because the ventricle doesn't have a full supply of blood to pump, so during the time it's out of phase, your circulation is impaired.  Tiredness and light-headedness seem to be logical outcomes.


Thank you .. I understand a little more. Pat


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