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talk on pacemakers and defibrillators

If anyone is near enough to come to Epsom (33 minutes Waterloo) you are very welcome to our meeting on Wednesday (7th) at 4.45pm in the post graduate medical centre, 2nd floor wells wing Epsom hospital. Very nice group of mainly AF folk .

Speaker is head of the pacemaker unit at St Georges Hospital and questions afterwards- on anything AF related.

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And as we don't clash, a similar heart rhythm patient get together takes place tonight, Tuesday, for Hampshire people at Andover hospital Peaches restaurant from 6pm. Free entry, relaxed chat, informed discussion with consultant cardiologist and CCG lead heart specialist. We have a wide spectrum of patients and their carers from PAF to implant patients, so all welcome.



I would edit your post to delete the number so that it's not showing on a public forum where it can be trawled by computer software.


Thanks PeterWh for your message. Oops - so much going on at the moment - never gave it a thought - it's my business number so what can they find - I haven't a clue how to delete a message.


Either to the right of the LIKE block or under the REPLY block (depends on the system you are using) there is another block with a little down arrow head. Select that and as its your own reply you will see a number of options. Select the edit button and then you can delete the number. Then select green EDIT RESPONSE box. All done!!!!


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