Chest pain post ablation! Help!

Now nearly 4 weeks post ablation and on the whole feel much improved. Back walking even a little bit of jogging!!

My only problem is the chest pain which is intermittent. Bobd suggested it could be related to oesophogeal heat transfer. Have found the pain intensifies if I bend at the waist for more than a couple of seconds and leaves me feeling awful!! I have no problem with eating or drinking and no indigestion. Wondered if anyone has experienced any similar or can throw any more light on it!!

Am wondering if I should be speaking to my GP.....most importantly though AF very quite!!

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  • Should have typed BobD...... How long do you think it will continue if it is caused by the heat transfer?

  • I had it for 6 weeks after my first ablation but only on lying down when I went to bed - think that stomach acid must aggravate it as it back flows back and would fit with your bending over causing it. I was given Omeprazole (a protein pump inhibitor - there are a few different ones - to reduce stomach acid) for 6 weeks after second ablation and didn't suffer the same. I was beginning to think something had gone wrong after I it lasted so long first time. Have you been given anything? Might be worth trying a PPI short term. Do speak to your GP I suffered in silence first time not sleeping for 6 weeks.


  • Thanks for your reply Jo. I already take Lansoprolol and have been topping up with gaviscon! Nothing really seems to make a difference! Was given an anti-inflammatory for two weeks as well. Will hopefully settle down, encouraging to know it's not unusual for it to last a few weeks!

    Didn't have anything like this with my 1st ablation so like you began to wonder if something had gone wrong!


  • I would speak to go, but keep in mind the places they ablate plus heat to the esophagus will heal and slough off tissue. 4 weeks is about the time this initially would occur. It's like when u get your tonsils out. They hurt at first, start to heal and feel better and the the scab has to come off. Sore all over again and painful for a while. Check w bp. Don't wonder.

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