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Refered for ablation

finally got to see the again cardiologist, after a couple of trips to the local emergency centre and one to A&E, and have been put on flecainide and he is referring me for ablation. No idea how long that will take though.

Feeling a bit better now I know something is going to be done. Been suffering almost daily attacks recently, including a very embarrassing one in Morrisons yesterday (with paramedic call out to the freezer aisle). Lets hope the flecainide helps a bit.

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I know what it's like going down in a shop, been there, got the medal. People thought I was drunk, gggggrrrrr.......... Eventually, after many tuts, chit-chat and funny looks, got rushed to A&E, kept in and sorted out with drugs.

Hope your ablation works well, mine was brilliant.


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Interesting about the freezer isle. I was told many years ago that cold air badly affected people with angina and other cardiac conditions. One to avoid in future maybe wherever possible and don't ever lean over the fridges.


Thanks for that tip, not heard that one before. I currently have labrynthitis as well (inner ear infection) which has thrown me balance out as well, which doesn't help, but in this case, my legs just gave way, not usually as bad as that, so maybe it was the cold on top of everything else.


Feeling funny in the supermarket has been raised before and I think the lighting was thought to be an influence. My first dose of palpitations in 1990 happened when I was shopping for the first time in our newly opened superstore.


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