new to AF

fairly new to AF , not enjoying it much ! as other people have been commenting on finding it hard to get any decent sleep, me to , sometimes only get 2 hours shut eye. sleep more upright now, listening to sleep app helps me fall asleep but not stay asleep !

never have caffiene, acohol, chocolate, cut back on salt and sugar, eat very healthily, only problem i have really to get to grips with is losing bout 2 stone in weight ! have had 2 episodes of AF ending up in hospital overnight, have had heart scan , just waiting for results. nice to share feelings on here.

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  • Presumably you've done the chads risk for anticoagulants. It sounds like exercise and diet is the way forward for you. Your sleep shouldn't be anything to do with the af except if you're worrying about it.

  • Have you tried sleeping on your right side fushia?

  • Hi Fushiapink and welcome to our forum. We all know what it's like to have AF so you have come to the right place for support. I have learnt so much from this site, like what is and isn't a normal occurrence with AF. Mind you we all feel the effects of it in different ways.

    Sorry to hear that you are not sleeping well. I went through a spell like that and my GP prescribed Zopiclone, these tablets were a godsend and helped so much when I needed to be alert for work. Some people poo-poo taking sleeping pills, but all I can say is they can't have ever suffered from really bad insomnia. It would make me feel like I had flu every day. Now that I'm retired I rarely need them, but just knowing that they're there if needed helps me to sleep.

    Always here to offer support in any way I can.


  • I agree with Jeanjeani. I have only been taking them 3 weeks and they've worked wonders x

  • Welcome to a world that you would rather not be in!!!!

    You have done the right thing in all of the above. Also seriously consider cutting out all processed foods because they are naughty's for AF and diet!!!! Also read the labels because things that appear to be quite innocuous can have significant salt and sugar (eg look at salt in mince).

    You may find after a few months that your weight does come down by following the above (mine did but I was only a bit overweight). Also by just slightly reducing portions.

    As for sleeping not only try sleeping on your right (if you don’t already do so) but also on your back. It might also be worthwhile getting a sleep apnoea assessment as SA and AF often go together!!!

  • fushiapink , welcome to the best place for airing your concerns.

    I too have problems sleeping. I tend to drop off quite early but by 1 AM I'm wide awake and panicking about getting up for work at 6AM.

    I've no solution other than turning off all iPads, iPhones and TVs. I find I'm fast asleep by 5 AM, just in time for the alarm to go off!

  • Look into taking supplements, especially Magnesium. Magnesium will help you sleep too.


  • Hi. Fushia pink. I can recommend Slimming World for weight loss and I understand you can get a referral from your GP, whereby you do not have to pay, for a period. Good luck. You should be able to shift a stone in about 6 weeks if you follow their routine.

  • I'm a bit of a slow loser, they recently stopped the 12 week free, so I paid and saved for 10 and got 12, only lost 9 lbs but just signed up for another 12 because I know it will help my general health

  • Hi ive had this for 3 years, you should ask about Ablation surgery if its affecting your every day life

  • I too was having problems sleeping. My doctor ordered sleep apnea study and they found that I stopped breathing 30 times an hour. I was put on a Cpap and now I am only have 1 to 2 events and hour and able to get much better sleep. Plus its better for your heart and afib which I also have and have had for years.

  • Hello,

    May I suggest Maringa powder,which is high in magnesium essential for the heart.Although cardiologist will say that the body produces enough,I disagree as diagnosed with AF back in April end never having had any AF previously.Research herbal books that I regularly read and when I read about magnesium,highly suggested in several herbal books I was convinced.Started daily on maringa end April and no AF since.

    I am not suggesting that this is the panacea of AF but can only speak as I find.I would be interested to hear updates on how you get on.

    Best regards,

    Michael F (Francis23)

  • @Francis 23 your body does not produce magnesium. Magnesium is obtained from foods that contain magnesium (black rice, red rice, almonds, rutabagas, greens for salad etc), and from supplements Ex: magnesium glycinate , magnesium taurate, and magnesium L-threonate. Did your cardiologist REALLY tell you that your body produces mnagnesium? are you sure that is what he said? If he told you that maybe you should seee a different cardiologist. BTW magnesium deficiency can cause afib.

  • If u get a magnesium supplement is there much of a risk of too much? Do u need a mag level drawn occasionally?

  • @Oldcarol the most magnesium I take is about 600 mg. supplementally; the rest is in food. However, since I am not a doctor, or your doctor or a scientist, just a person with afib who is trying to remain alive and well--don't just run out and take things. You should get a blood test of "red blood cell magnesium" the level which means you probably have enough inside your cells is at about the highest level in the range of the test. Do not take more than 600 mg, because you can make yuour heart stop. The best magnesiums for afib are magnesium glycinate (Pure Encapsulations brand); Magnesium taurate (cardiovascular research brand); Magnesium L- threonate (source naturals or pure encapsulations brands) these can be obtained from swanson or which ship internationally. Magensium deficiency can cause afib; also diuretics for hypertension and antiarrhythmia/ beta blocker drugs deplete your body of magnesium, potassiuum, trace minerals Co enzyme Q 10 and other things you need to live--hence the diet , supplement issue..

  • See this post to see how the @nnnn works!!!

  • Sorry,I meant that he said we get all the magnesium we need naturally from food and no need to supplement.

  • Francis23 Maybe he is correct--but did you have a comprehensive metabolic panel blood test (measures potassium and more but not magnesium, a "red blood cell magnesium"-result should be at highest end of range; Co enzyme Q 10 blood test, a complete thyroid panel (tsh, total T3, Free T3, Total T4, Free T4, reverse T3, T3 uptake, all the thyroid antibodies, thyroid hormone binding glubulin.??

    You need all the above nutrients and normal thyroid to have no afib, if htese deficiencies are part of the cause. normal thyroid test should show low end free T4 in range and free T3 at the high end of the normal range.

  • Make sure you get it treated one way or another. Preferably ablation, as it is highly successful, as compared to alternatives. Good luck!

  • Hi there fushiapink I too have AF and find it a darn nuisance mainly. Have had seven bouts this year, and want to change Meds. I also take magnesium and was advised by a doctor to do so. I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and was having the CPAP study when I went into AF a couple of nights ago. Was convenient to just transfer to cardiac unit but now have to return for sleep study again. The less you worry the better I find and just go about your life.

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