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Just read a post from gwyn533 entitled Verapamil 3 days ago re infection or coughing initiating AF.

After Ablation no 1 in Jan 2016 I was fine for 3 weeks, only discomfort I had was the bruising. One night I was very 'stuffed up' had difficulty sleeping and breathing properly lying in bed. During the night I went back into AF and it was more aggressive and prolonged than before the procedure. So much so that when I visited GP for INR test and still in AF 3 days later he sent me to A&E. They did discover I had a mild chest infection and anti-biotics cleared it up. This 'worse' AF continued for several weeks AF occurring every 2 days or so eventually leveling out to once a week approx. Last week I visited EP for clinic appt and he plans to 'do' Ablation 2 in 2 weeks time. Over weekend I felt very sniffy and tired and again during the night felt similar to the previous night I described.

AF again returned and has done on 2 nights since. So whether it's the cold or a virus, chest infection or the breathing difficulties that starts it off I don't know. I will mention this to EP, it probably won't be till I get to the lab in 2 weeks. I also have mild sleep apnoea which they are not planning to pursue but I will revisit this with GP. Apart from gwyn533 has anyone else experienced similar, every time I get a cold I will be wondering if the AF will come back! Can do without the stress!

Best wishes to all.

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  • Thank you.

    I saw my consultant and he said definatley is an infection or a chesty cough that can put you into AF. It can also take you OUT .

    Appreciate your time.

    Sometimes es feels like I'm alone. But this site does really help.

  • it certainly does, it's a brilliant site. you are not alone.....

  • As my EP likes to say, "AF is a reflection of your overall health" A chest infection is a prime way to get it flared up, for sure. I developed pneumonia a year ago and my AF went nuts! Feel better soon!

  • Even though I'm covered by drugs that stop my AF, if I sneeze I go into AF for about 10-15 seconds !!! It's about the only thing I can think of that gets through the drugs actually. It has to be a really good sneeze though 😷.

  • Colds / Chest infections are key triggers with me - the cardio says anything wrong with the your breathing puts a strain on the cardio system and you need to react to that if you can with more medication - but at times this is not possible and you need to concentrate on getting rid of the cold or get anti biotics for the CI.

  • I had an ablation just over 2 weeks and all silent on the AF front so far (fingers crossed!!). Prior to this I could always predict I was about to have a cold/fluey symptoms as my AF increased - very strange. I suppose it makes sense as extra stress is being put on the body. Strange thing about your sneezing Koll?!!!

  • what a relief .I have been on flecainide for about 2yrs.put up with light head/dizzy for 12 months ,now take after b/fast then 12hourly.Regarding coughiing, Ive had this problem for the past 6/7months,it certainly makes me feel better knowing Iam not alone . REME

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