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Svt not af

After my ablation five weeks ago only had couple brief spells of af. Friday night heart rate went up but not irregular constantly 133-132. Woke up sat morning and still the same. Around 12.30 sat afternoon head spun and found myself of kitchen floor. Picked myself up and heart rate back to normal. After half hour took myself off to ae just to make sure id not done any damage and next thing heart monitor and kept in overnight. Doc says def no af just svt which I have had loads before but not the hitting the floor. So its waiting to see doc this morning then hopefully home and next time it happens hope I dont faint. First time ever for that x

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Hi Jules and sorry to read of your fall. I hope you didn't hurt yourself. I suspect that the black out was a result of a sudden drop on blood pressure when you went back to a normal heart rate. This is not uncommon .

SVT post ablation especially at your timing is also not uncommon. You still have a good way to go before your heart is fully healed. I had several session of 140 bpm steady heart rate described as atrial tachycardia (Another name for svt I think) which lasted until cardioverted and my EP was quite relaxed about it so long as the DCCV was done urgently. Another good reason to stay on anticoags. In one case I was in France visiting my sister so it was a week or so before I was back in UK and up to London for my DCCV but no ill effects.


Thanks Bob. I was ok afterwards just kept thinking "why am i on the floor". When ive been in an episode of af have noticed on the monitor runs of svt as well. Just waiting on doc saying i can go home. Think it was just a shock more than anything as i had experienced the head spinning but not the fainting.


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