Brief Return to AF

Hi every one, I don't appear on here much, but always follow all the other posts.

I have just had an episode of AF with heart rate of 156 having gone 15 months free of trouble since my 5th ablation. Spent Sunday a week ago digging a few post holes, obviously was too much for me and 3 hours later heart went crazy. My heart rate went back to about 80 during the night but as soon as I put my feet on the floor next morning, went back to 155bpm. This was repeated the next day. Presented at A&E and they consulted my ep/cardiologist, who insisted on a cardioversion. This took place within the hour and heart reverted to 65bpm and has remained stable since.

Had a meeting with the cardiologist, and he is treating it as a one off and I still remain on no medication other than Aspirin. I feel very comfortable now but am very frustrated that this happened. I suppose in all reality it was my own fault. What are other peoples experiences with physical exercise well down the track after ablation? Cardiologist said you can't put yourself in a shell, but I guess you have to be careful.

Look forward to your thoughts.


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  • First thought is why the aspirin as it has no place in stroke prevention for AF? Next thought is yes you probably over did things. I know if I get too tired or over do the navvy bit in the garden that I will suffer. I don't get AF since my 3rd ablation but ectopics will come visiting with a vengance.

    Listen to your body is my advice and learn how far to push.

  • Yes Bob, often wondered about the aspirin. Will mention it next time.

    I will definitely be being a bit more cautious with my activities. Thanks.

  • How disappointing for you Greg. I bet you were thinking you'd got rid of AF for good. I wonder if it was the exertion of digging the post holes or the bending? I'm pondering this question myself at the moment. Did you eat anything different that day, because daft though it sounds I'm wondering if cake sets mine off


  • Cake: This isn't daft - It depends what it contains. Bought cake can have many 'chemicals' in it eg Monosodium glutamate or aspartame, any of which could be the real culprit (ie avoid processed foods). If your own home-made cake is a problem, then it could be the sugar - or the margarine (try using butter). If it is the sugar, eating some protein at the same time (put some nuts in the cake?) might help!

  • Hello Greg, I want to ask you if you ate anything before you started digging, and if so how much. Before I was treated for AF, there were times when I would eat a meal and then do perhaps a cleaning job around the house, and my heart would go crazy for hours. I wonder why it took 3 hours after your exertion for your heart to start playing up ? Stay well.

  • Hi, I have never noticed any particular food upsets my heart, although I do know that too much food at once would trigger AF prior to ablations. I had a small pasta that day for lunch prior to digging. I never drink coffee now. The 3 hour delay after exertion was typical prior to having ablations. You used to always think that doing something strenuous never affected your heart, but bang, hours later there was AF.

    Had a few ectopics yesterday - bit scary



  • Hi Greg. Since my ablation in December, I have had some af but nothing like before. It affects me by draining all my strength and making me feel real incapable of any kind of exercise at all. It's the ectopics that get me. They come every day, all day. Strong ones too. I'm sick of them. Take it easy.

  • I would like to know where you are I have been waiting since May to see a cardiologist at warrington and my Gp won't let me back to work till I have. May be where you live there are enough nhs cardiologists. My work aren't convinced there is anything wrong with me or my heart as they haven't given me an appointment its over 9 weeks. My cat gets better medical attention than me.

  • Hi, I am in New Zealand. I watch this site and see that a lot of people wait long times for contact with their EP or cardiologist. Here where I am the waiting times are short and generally get prompt attention.

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