6 months waisted

had my meeting with the specialist turned out to be a specialist nurse she made copious notes and toddled off to speak with god 15 minute later she came bac with the ten commandments oblation they now think the cause of my af is something to do with my tube works I have to have a scan with an injection to trace the tubes

no warfarin they have taken full bloods and are putting me on something else hey were not to happy when i told then I was being investigated for blood in my urine

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  • Sounds positive Squady. Don't be put off by it being a nurse. Many of these specialists are more knowledgeable than a lot of cardiologists.

  • cheers bob set myself up to get things moving winter is a killer for me no to sure about this scan thingy they could have explained it more

  • Trouble is you need to know a lot to ask the right questions and they never tell you anything you didn't ask about.

  • you ae right there last time I spoke to them they were all for an ablation now hey are unsure of the cause of my problem I have to see another one that should be a barrel of laughs thanks for the reply

  • It is so frustrating to have what you may term as a hesitant "God" but see it as better than one that knows it all - and gets it wrong later. OOps!

  • My cardiologist recommend an ablation but I am to frightened I have had ad for 15yrs only seem to have an attack when I am relaxing

  • think bout it aske the question on here then think on it again seems to me people have to many repeats

  • Quite a few people on here are in Persistent AF and for THEM the success rate is only 20% to 30% first time. Also a few people like BobD had theirs many years ago in the very early days of developing the techniques and also the equipment was no where near as good. Nowadays some of those may not have had to have two or three ablations.

  • Samloucraig. The thought of an ablation is alarming. Of course it is. The unknown is always scary but I promise you that there are far worse things. If you are offered this £15,000 procedure then the EP must think that you are a suitable candidate. Don't live to regret refusing it.

    And just think, if it were that awful then no one would go for a 2nd one. There are people who have had 3 or more - because they have benefited from each one. It's not necessarily a cure-all but for me, and many others, it has made life liveable again.

  • I think the scan you are talking about is when hey inject a dye into vein and then do a scan. This is one of the tests that I had when in hospital after being diagnosed with AF. Nothing to it, Had to laugh at one thinkg the nurse said "at the end you will feel a sensation as if you have wet yourself, but you will not have". She was right on both counts.

  • thanks cassie 46 I had one when found out I had stage two copd never been in civvy hospital more than overnight

  • She sounds like a buffoon! (if I've deciphered your version of English properly).


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