Palpitations Last Night

So last night I had palpitations and I hate them! Sometimes it doesn't last long and other times it takes awhile for them to stop..Does anybody have any tricks or anything on how to stop them. I usually lay down with a cold washcloth and wipe my face and sip on something like water or orange juice. I do get nervous and scared when I get them which probably makes them a little worse. I wish there was and instant and easy cure to A fib and palpitations. Sometimes all of this can be hard to deal with. I hope everyone is doing well and thanks for listening!

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  • I get runs of rapid regular heartbeat - SVT and they can be stopped with a Valsalva maneuvre but I've never found a way to stop AF itself. A cardiologist once advised me when the heart starts thumping to try a Valsalva just in case it wasn't AF but an SVT and could be stopped - good advice in my case.

    If you are suffering from ectopics there is a breathing technique to slow your breathing down to 6 breaths per minute for a minimum of 5 minutes - this slows the heart rate slightly.

    Valsalva explained here:

    I always lay down during AF on my right side and tried not to be scared and worried (right!) and to concentrate on something else - so difficult as logic seems to go out the window. Best wishes with the Valsalva.

  • I don't get palpitations now but when I did I could often cure them by breathing in, breathing in again and then a third time (so lungs absolutely full) and then breathing out very slowly.

  • Hi, Had the same myself last week lasting for about a week. it was suggested to me I watch Dr.Gupta talking about palpitations,ectopics etc on you-tube, and I found them extremely useful especially the breathing exercises which I am still doing regularly when I feel a missed beat. They are horrible and do cause anxiety,which causes palpitations. A vicious circle indeed. I hope you are feeling better, my best wishes Kath

  • Mine have all but ceased to occur after I started taking magnesium and potassium.

  • I use my right hand to push and massage just below my left breast bone, around the top of the digestive tract where gases tend to be trapped. For me, it always boils down to a digestive issue and once I address that, the palpitations disappear

  • If it is only palpitations & not AF. - Close your mouth tightly & hold your nose & try to breathe out forcibly . this is called Valsalvas manouvre

  • I got them last night as well, lasted for just over 6 hours, tried the breathing but it did not work for this. Sometimes I go for a walk and they go away, but not in the middle of the night 😳 I am leaning not to panic.

  • Wish I could but I'm really trying not to panic. Goid luck.

  • I know it is hard remind yourself that it will go away 😊

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