NOACs affected by urinary infections?

I had unpleasant effects when I started taking apixaban after a stroke. I didn't know at the time that I had a urinary tract infection. Now that the infection has been cleared, there are none of the confusion, lethargy, muscle and joint aches, and night sweats and that I had associated with starting apixaban. I'm currently taking clopidogrel and gastro-resistant aspirin as a short-term course.

I passed a lot of blood following thrombolysis for a stroke. That required investigation and the Urologist mentioned that I'd had a urinary tract infection at the time of the stroke although there were no symptoms. The cystoscopy caused a re-run of the infection with all of the ill-effects particularly confusion and lethargy.

Conclusions: 1) if your NOAC is apparently making you feeling down and unwell, check with your GP whether you have a urinary tract infection; 2) when I end my present course of medication I will give apixaban another try.

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  • Apixaban has been great for me- so far!! ( 2nd year)

  • My wife is a carer and often has to call doctors when people become confused etc as it is almost always a urinary infection. OK some may be dementia but generally UTI. Well know symptom!

  • Hi Bob, just read your response to this one (always find your input invaluable and informative, you are commonly known in our house as 'Bob the Knowledge')! I frequently suffer from pesky UTIs and carry with me antibiotics to take at the onset. Am waiting for Hospital appointment to investigate. Does your wife have any idea why I have so many? Ps Hygiene is very high on the list here.

  • Sorry I can't help there although I do know that ladies have more problems than gentlemen in general. Many of her service users have some measure of incontinence so of course the possibility of infection is much higher.

  • Many thanks Bob - onwards and upwards then :o)

  • I read an article in the paper, probably getting on for a year ago now on this. I remember a few things (there were more). One was adding too many fragrances to baths -plain water is much better!!! Another was just cleaning with plain water and not soap, body wash, etc. Also not cleaning too often. Reason was that all these make the body loose its natural oils and natural protection. Obviously it did also talk about people who were incontinent having a higher incidence.

  • Thanks for taking time out to reply ... Much appreciated

  • My only problem with apixaban is remembering to take it at the right time and to carry it with me when not at home. Getting better though.

  • Set a daily phone alarm reminder.

  • Yes, I have done that, but it's twice a day, plus I don't always have the phone on me. I suppose the Apple Watch might be an answer but I'm loathe to buy another gadget.

  • I have set multiple alarms permanently/weekdays as appropriate at different times of the day. The iPad allows me to do that.

  • Will look into that. Thanks Peter

  • Regarding UTI.....D Mannose, a natural way to keep UTI's away. Just take 3 caps if you feel one starting, or take once a week. Buy mine on Amazon. You can google it.

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