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A new rehabilitation MD suggested I try a capsule turmeric formula as an alternative to standard anti-inflammatory meds which are a problem with anti-coagulants. However, my cardiologist and thrombosis clinic felt it was contraindicated. When I searched online, reports agreed with the same caution. Thoughts? I am so disappointed, thought turmeric might be a "magic bullet."

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It is an amazing anti inflammatory for sure. However, if you are on any sort of anti-coagulant it is not recommended. I'm all for natural solutions, but sometimes they interact with the meds so it is always really important to check!


You also have to take a lot of Tumeric for it to have the anti-inflammatory effect - something equivalent to 6grams of the spice itself - hence the refined version - curcumin which is the active ingredient. I have taken it but it does turn your P bright orange yellow which is somewhat off putting, well it is to me.

I don't take anticoagulants though.

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Thanks for posting Lorna, I have filed for future reference.


Do look back at related posts.

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