Swollen fingers?

Evening all

I've noticed that my rings don't fit as well as before and tonight I needed butter and a lot of elbow grease to prise off my wedding ring. It's left an ugly indentation behind.

I'm on verapamil and anticoagulant apixaban.

Is this something to be worried about? Feel OK otherwise although afib definitely been more noticeable last couple of days its nothing I'd be worried about if not doe the swelling.

With thanks

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  • Yes verapamil is a possible cause as are other calcium channel blockers. You should see your doctor. Maybe try a change to bisoptolol if appropriate.

  • Sounds like a bit of fluid check your weight if it has gone up see your doc

  • The press often comment on Prince Charles and his swollen fingers.

  • Sounds like water retention to me. I had this and was prescribed Furosimide. Lost 6 lbs in a few days after taking them. I would see your GP. Good luck.


  • Calcium channel blockers made me put on weight due to fluid. Not everybody can take them.

  • Hi scottishmuppet, I had a stroke in 2009. I was pleased that my fingers were not swollen I take Sotalol to control my PAF along with Warfarin and a cocktail of other drugs. My fingers started to swell last year on my stroke affected hand and I had to change my wedding ring to my right hand. My ankle is also swelling and doctor has prescribed a diuretic and kidney function blood test. (waiting for result). So yes, you are not alone and I would talk to your doctor.



  • Thanks all for your replies. I have my rings back on now so the swelling must have gone down....

    Does fluid retention come and go? Have I finally found the reason why I look fatter than at 40? Yippee I can blame the fluid not the cake. What a relief!!

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