Guilty pleasures of tea and coffee ๐Ÿ’•

Hi to all the A Fibs

A few months ago I was diagnosed with a episode of PAF. I do have history of ectopic beats echo showed no cardiac issues since I was in my thirties now 52 years.

I was Informed at the time by cardiologist not to take caffeine as i seem to be sensitive to it

Since my episode of PAF I have been drinking only herbal teas which is fab but, there is something so lovley and inviting as a warm milky coffee or tea .

With that I decided to try and find something else to mimick a lovley coffee taste in the morning and a tea once during the day

With great delight I found the chicory organic grounded sold in many places 100% chicory

Not only does it not have any caffeine at all but it's healthy for the body and brings many benefits and makes a great coffee

Tea was difficult to find wow in the end I found a herb called Redbush that is also organic and you can buy in tea bag form or loose

No caffeine and this plant again benifits

The body . Taste Just like a builders cuppa

With or without milk

Just wanted to pass this info on

Now I think I will go and have a milky coffee now ๐Ÿ˜

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  • Been drinking decaf tea for ten years and never noticed any difference in taste PG do decaf bags.

  • Hi

    Actually not talking about decaf that's a whole Different story

    If You research how caffeine is taken out its quite worrying they use harsh chemical s which is harmful to the body

    The two herbs I mentioned has naturally no caffeine at all

  • Hi jamlia123 there are some organic decaf products that do not contain any chemicals b/c the decaf method is different. Coffee ex is Mt. Hagen decaf organic coffee (from papua new guinea)-marketed by a

    German company., can be bought over internet if no organic markets near you sell it. There are similar items for tea from some other companies.

  • Before my actual diagnosis (although i had had af for a long time) i bought a Nespresso capsule coffee maker and happily drank intense black coffee far too often. Since diagnosis i was told abstain from caffeine and thought it was the end of one of life's better inventions. However, my daughter arrived with a huge selection of Nespresso's decaf range of capsules and i cant really tell the difference. And as Bob posted the decaf tea options are equally acceptable. There is little need to sacrifice the small enjoyments you just need to research and experiment.

  • Your right if you enjoy go ahead

    This is only information on those People who want to have the pleasures of drinking similar tastes but with no cafferine or having the chemicals from the decaf


  • there are decafs without chemicals.

  • Do you know which ones they are?

  • And what about the bleach that can be used on the fabric of tea bags?

  • That's a good point more chemicals and which ones ?are they toxic for the heart too ?

    You can buy redbush no caffeine in pure leaf form no bags

  • Goodness knows how toxic they may be! I think I'll get some loose leaf redbush. We both enjoy it. I must try hibiscus tea sometime too.

    I drink hot water instead of tea much of the time. I found I didn't get on with any sort of coffee a long time ago and have eliminated hot chocolate for the same reason too. If I am out I tend to drink redbush/rooibos or peppermint tea. I have the odd cup of chai (only occasionally as there's caffeine in it) but not chai latte as it can be full of sugar.

    I make myself a pot of proper caffeinated loose leaf tea every morning as AF just isn't going to have the upper hand all the time.

  • Great ๐ŸŒบ

    Have u tried chicory organic for the same taste as a coffee latte and I put just a tiny bit of Manuka honey fab

    And of course hot milk ๐Ÿ˜„

  • I haven't tried that, but can give it a go.

  • Okay that's great please send me the details and i will look because don't want any caffeine even a small amount in my drinks

    But yes that's good send me the link please and I will research

  • sells Mt Hagen decaffeinated instant coffee I do not know if they ship to the UK but you can ask. Look up Mt. Hagen ( or it may be Mt Hagan ) on the internet. Since the company thqat markets this is in Germany , obviously closer to you than the USA, maybe they have info on the internet.

  • try click on customer service at the very bottom of the page and ask if they ship to your country.

    try they sell organicx foods as well as supplements. call their 800 number after you use the USA country code and ask if they ship to your country.

    go on, which also sells this coffee --call or email them and ask if they ship to your country.

    These are all usa companies and I do not know if they ship to the UK--but since I have purchased lingerie from Paris, prescription drugs from canada via UK, France and Germany. and supplements via an offshore company near the UK., and I can also buy a horses from Germany or Iceland and have it delivered to my by airplane (although I am not doing that nor can I afford to), I see no reason why you cannot get Mt. Hagan coffee just because you are in England. You can click on the german manufacturer's website at the top of the 1st link I listed but it is entirely in

    German--so if you have someone whocan translate that works.

  • If caffeine is a trigger for you, then it's probably better to stay away. Easy for me to say as I have never had a cup of coffee in my life! Too strong a taste for me! Black tea and green tea both have so many antioxidants that are good for you. Hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure significantly. Lots of choices out there. Find what works for you!

  • Think I'm going to keep an eye out for this. One thing about having AF is My health has otherwise benefitted. Reduction in alcohol, caffeine and certain foods can only stand us in good stead with other possible health issues. I do like my coffee though and keep it to two cups a day. I did think it used to be a trigger for me, but then there was lots and lots of things I also thought were possible triggers. At last years AFA conference it was even mentioned that coffee in moderation had positive effects on the heart. I think it was Dr Fay who dropped that in, which made me smile.

  • Hi

    Yes AF has many triggers and every one person is different

    I am sensitive to caffeine I was told by my GP over 6 years ago to stop taking in caffeine because st the time I was having ectopic beats

    Caffeine makes me extremely anxious

    The point I was trying to make was if poeple suffer from AF it's far better to rid your body of as many toxins as possible and caffeine is classed as a drug

    Caffeine mimicks adenosine in the brain because the chemicals structures Are similar

    Adenosine calms the heart rate and caffeine increases it

    Therefore when caffeine absorbed in the body heart rate increases because it releases the stress hormones adrenaline

    Coffee for me was a luxury but because PAF was sooo scary when j had an episode I knew I needed to stop and finds alternatives

    I now feel a lot calmer and have a resting heart rate of 55 without medications

    To me that's worth giving up my coffee

    Many Heath professional state different things according to there school of thought

    One cardiologist called Dr John Day states it's better to stop caffeine all together and to me that makes sense because caffeine stimulants adrenaline


  • Good for you Jamila and long may your good health continue. Like I mention above having AF has kind of positives (If you can call them positives). People readdress their lifestyle as I have. I cut everything out at first, but slowly introduced things, but in moderation. I do like coffee, but drunk far too much and caffeine drinks too during sport, but again I gave up on them. Other than the AF I feel the best I have in a long time.

  • So great to hear

    Yes so far so good but I realised that I was pushing myself too far working studying overtime and running a household

    Something had to give

    I have been reflecting of late sine many cardiologist are not sure what starts AF in People who don't have heart problems

    Maybe there inflammation oxidation stress and acidic body Link ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    Because sports people have PAF when the body is pushed too far and I got it when I pushed my body beyond it could go

    I have been now taking anti inflammatory and antioxidants in foods and herbs

    Just a theory I try most things

    All the best ๐ŸŒบ

  • thank you for info, i have heard of redbush tea. the choice of Mma Ramotswe and The No.1 Ladiesโ€™ Detective Agency, :) [Book & film]

    i also have been told to stay away from caffeine, and went straight to de-caff tea/coffee. but will certainly try redbush.

    my son read somewhere that liquorish isn't good either, my last two AF's happened around the time i had consumed Pontefract cakes,

  • I thought I replied but did not go through ๐Ÿ˜ณ


    Thank you hope u enjoy redbush you can buy the teas bags in wait rose but j sure other places will sell it as well

    The liquorice can cause hypertension in some people maybe that's why you felt like that when u took it

    All the best ๐ŸŒบ

  • Redbush tea is great. Thanks. A lovely deep taste. Coffee decaffeinated by the Swiss water method is apparently less harmful. More expensive though!

  • Thanks great but decaf is a chemically way of getting caffeine out toxic for body

    Redbush a herb with nil caffeine in and good for liver


  • Myself and my hubby have been drinking redbush for a couple of years now and we love the taste. We started drinking one of the expensive ones until we decided to try a supermarket brand at a much cheaper price. It is just as good and it saves us money, although we do get the more expensive brand when it's on special offer. We now prefer it to 'ordinary' tea. We do drink decaf coffee, though, but feel OK about the way the caffeine is removed, after seeing how it's done on one of those food programmes. Apparently, the amount of the chemical left after the caffeine has been removed is negligible and totally harmless.

  • That's great yes ๐Ÿ˜€

    I only found redbush recently and loving it every day

    Decaf I would never touch would rather just caffeine free healthy herb

    But the choices are up to the individual

    For me I personally would never touch it because of the chemicals

    But each to there own every one makes there own choices regarding thier health

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