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I have found this site to be very informative, having just been diagnosed with PAF. I have changed to decaffeinated coffee and tea, and have only a very occasional small glass of red wine when eating out. The problem is what to drink when socialising? It used to be Pepsi or Coke light, but even these are high in caffeine. What do other people drink when out?

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  • When I meet with friends in our homes, I party-poop by bringing a bottle of my own alcohol free concoction. Outside that, most good bars will serve a disguised drink of mixer only with lemon and ice - it looks the part. Perhaps also, one of the alcohol free beers?

    One point, be careful of anything with artificial sweeteners in - especially aspartame - they are linked to heart arrhythmias.

  • I have same dilema as even fizzy drinks can set me off ! As for aspartame had loads for last 45 yrs !!!!!!! Maybe why I HAVE PAF??? Eeek

  • The two drinks you mentioned will also be full of aspartame which is really nasty stuff and should be avoided at all costs. Better full fat than "lite". I found alcohol free beers and wine just as bad as explained in another alcohol related posts today. These days when out playing skittles I drink orange juice and fizzy lemonade.

  • I usually have an appletiser when I am out for a meal or socialising. At home I like Sainsbury's non alcoholic mojito which is 73% fruit juice and even one of your five a day! Other drinks to consider are grape juice, non alcoholic wine which is served in most places now and also you can buy Echo Falls 4%spritzers in rose or white and come in little tins.

  • I take a bottle of alcohol-free wine, or a-f beer, I quite like Becks Blue. When I was in Spain, they had a-f beer everywhere, on draught as well, it was brill. Big thing over there probably due to heat, hope it comes over here.

    If you get Becks Blue, and some Robinsons concentrated lemon (like their lemon and barley but no barley), put a drop in the Becks, it's yummy, bit like a Belgium beer.


  • I hate to be the bringer of bad news but I think it's accepted that de caffeinated coffee can still cause arrythmias, prob because it still has a caffene content? I've almost given it up all together, and have no probs with decaf tea, or normal tea from time to time. mind you my Mum, bless her, who also suffered from arrythmias, took little truck with special diets and took up coffee after a while (in moderation) to no I'll effects! everyone seems to have different triggers.

  • Devondan is correct .Most decaf coffee contains some caffeine. I just drink water with lemon when out.

  • Ditto here, decaff no good for me.

  • On the decaf coffee issue.

    The problem I found is around whether or not the caffeine is removed chemicall or by water.

    I stick to water washed only decaf and have had no issues whatsoever.

  • I drink decaf coffee most of the time, but still have the occasional glass of wine and proper coffee with no ill effects. Champagne does affect me so stick to only one glass when the need arises


  • I have switched back to ordinary (cheap) instant coffee but restrict intake to 1 or 2 cups a day. I understand that instant coffee has much less caffine than ground coffee. I didn't like what I read about the use of chemicals in decaf coffee.

    However with tea I now drink rooibos tea which is naturally caffine free. I prefer its taste to normal tea and it also tastes good black.

    I don't like any of the alcohol free drinks I have tried in the UK and I really resent paying high prices for soft drinks in pubs (considering they don't carry a booze tax). The result is that I seldom go to a pub nowadays.

    If you are in Spain, try Dorada Sin which I think is the best non alcoholic beer by a mile.

  • Water, herbal tea. I will have PAF after half a glass of wine. Decaf. coffee or tea gives me headache. Having AF is so untysocial.



  • Thank you for all your replies. I didn't realise that there were two methods of decaffeinating coffee. I'll also look out for aspartame. I am going to Spain later this year, so will try the Dorada Sin whilst there. Thanks again to everyone who replied.


  • Soda and lime

  • Water water water. Plain from the tap or sparkling for special occasions.

  • Ginger Ale with lemon and ice.

  • I love soda and lime (with ice and a slice of course)! or because I like tomato juice - a bloody mary is good for me too.

  • I have been having orange juice and lemonade but then someone told me (who is very in to fitness and foods and drinks) that lemonade is bad, especially when it is made from syrups in the pub "machines" because of the stimulants and sugars. I had not thought of soda and lime so I will give that a try next time!!!

  • Since having AF,when I am socialising I have a soda and lime,special occasion's A Non Alcohol Cocktail....Delicious!Cost about £5.


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