Tinnitus and Caffeine

This month's issue of the magazine 'What Doctors Don't Tell You" page 9 refers to research showing that caffeine has a direct impact on the workings of the inner ear. Evidently doubling consumption to 4 cups a day could reduce tinnitus by 15% regardless of the sufferer's age.

My tinnitus started after stopping coffee and tea due to AF. I have recently restarted some tea and my tinnitus is a bit better but all this could be down to other factors. Due to the risk on restarting AF, I don't think I will be restarting coffee, let alone drinking 4 cups/day any time soon!

Just thought you might be interested.

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  • Interesting but I see your point. I drink decaf tea and coffee myself and have no AF problems. Caffeine does get blamed a lot for stuff it doesn't deserve mind. The clincher for me is only 15% reduction so I would need to be swilling around full of the stuff to get anywhere. LOL


  • I thought that the latest research shows that caffeine doesn't cause AF? I'm sure I read somewhere recently that it could have benefits to AF sufferers!

  • Yes you may be right Joe, I recall something also. The snag is the longer you go without an episode (7 months in my case) the more you are reluctant to speculate!

  • Did I hear one of the speakers at Birmingham say that caffeine did not adversely affect AF.....or was I dreaming! I seem to remember one or two folks on our table almost falling off their chairs!

  • I heard it too. I couldn't wait to go and make a proper coffee. I don't trust him enough to have more than one a day.....yet. x

  • My EP told me years ago John that there was no proven link with caffeine and AF but then my Arrhythmia nurse went ballistic when she found how much Red Bull I drank. ( a can every fifty miles on a long drive.,) Bottom line is that if people think it will affect them it probably will,. hence my comment about being blamed. Do remember that today's fact is next year's myth.


  • I agree Bob, i'm sticking to decaf tea 'n coffee and have got used to it!

  • I wish... Not having caffeine is such a pain! And I have tinnitus. I have found that the bisoprolol makes it worse (it's in the list of possible side effects). I wonder if giving up the caffeine had something to do with it...

  • Coffee does not affect my AF, but I do suffer from tinnitus in spite of the caffeine!

  • I have torturous tinnitus, I have had it for as long as I can remember and now that my hearing is failing at speed my tinnitus is increasing. I did not realise bisoprol aggregated though.

  • When I was diagnosed with AF earlier this year I did cut down my caffeine intake (from 5 or 6 instants a day, to 2 or 3 a day) just in case there was a link. I recently read latest research showing that actually 'proper coffee' has many benefits ( apart from just tasting good and keeping one alert) so I now have 3 proper filter coffees a day, have had no noticeable increase of AF, usual pulse rate stays low, and I have even measured blood pressure just after drinking and then half hourly for 3 hours and no affect. I don't drink alcohol or smoke and I do enjoy my coffee, so I think for me the benefits outweigh the possible (or yet to be discovered) detriments.

  • We drink decaff tea but to be quite honest I have not had that satisfied

    feeling you get from having a 'proper' cup of tea and we have been on

    decaff for a couple of years. But I do have a couple of lattes a day thats

    my sin. My husband says its because Im telling I dont care for it, he carnt

    tell the difference.S

  • Thanks for all the feedback. I seem to act more and more on 'gut feel'. When I had frequent episodes coffee and decaff coffee and even tea was suspect. Now I am much better and have started drinking some ordinary tea, who knows in 6 months time I may indulge in a Costa??

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