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Sickness at work

Hi all, as with a lot of us it's often the side effects of the meds that make us feel so ill however !!! My episodes usually last 2 To 3 days and I take biosoprolol 1.25 x 3 max to try get back to NSR that's when I feel really tired , dizzy and generally zonked.

Work is impossible when I am like this but I am now being put through a formal interview because of my sickness levels which in the last 6 months equate to 4.5 days.

As we all know this condition is random and totally out of our control so absolutely nothing I can do about it . I recently found a document / policy on council website explaining the rules of "Disability Leave" this does not count as sickness and covers things like the effects of medication preventing you from working. I will now commence battle with a local authority who are useless in supporting employees by setting in realistic and unacheivable goals .

Anyone else having the same issues ?

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I am guessing that you are directly employed by a local authority?

Having only 4.5dsys in 3 months seems an awfully low threshold. Is that in a policy document.

Print off that disability document and also save the actual document and the actual link (I suggest sending to your personal email as well).

Not only medication but also AF itself (as well as other conditions frequently coupled with AF and further conditions) are covered by the disability discrimination act.

Feel free to pm me if you want.


Check out 'What Now!!' a post from yesterday, that might give you some help.


Unfortunately many employers do not follow the disability discrimination act, you need to take it with you and quote some of the relevant parts. Sadly I have witnessed many cases where disabled are eventually dismissed and this was in the NHS, normally they take each case individually as it depends on past sickness levels, years of service etc. If you are in a union take a rep in with you, good luck 🍀


NB the Disability Discrimination Act has now been replaced by the Equality Act 2010 - it replaced all the various discrimination acts.



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